Pioneer DEH-P7200HD problem, help please?

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    Hello everyone, I have been having this problem and so far I can not find any way to fix this issue.

    I own the Pioneer DEH-P7200HD head unit, I bought it brand new from a supplier over a year ago.

    I used to use the car every day so I never noticed the issue, but ever since the car was made show worthy, it sits in the garage on a trickle charger.

    Anyways, when the car sits inactive, this means the head unit sits inactive, and when it sits like this, after about 3-4 days, the head unit forgets everything. Goes back to factory settings.

    Now I have checked and rechecked with a meter and other tools, even bench tested this, and same results.

    The Wiring was always connected properly according to the directions:
    yellow = constant 12 volts.
    Red = Switched 12 volts.
    Black = ground.

    The yellow wire always has 12 volts, and works, its been tested numerous times. But when the red wire is not given power atleast every other day, it forget everything.

    Grounds been tested solid and consistant as well.

    Anyone have any thoughts?
    Will pioneer replace it because it seems its defective, I hardly use it much and this is what happens...


    4 ohm speakers on all 4 channels, I never listen loud to music, signal turns on the Subs amp, and RCA L&R sends the audio signal to the amp.

    Everything is correct, I have inspected and re-instpected over and over, I'm so confused...
    Is there any way to find if there is a firmware update for this unit?


    I can't find an email to customer support, anyone know it?


    The Vehicle:
    1996 Chevrolet Beretta Z26.
    3100 SFI v6 - Auto.

    Origionally had a 105 amp alternator, but was upgraded to 140 Amp due to the 500 watts of lights on the car...
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