Pioneer AVH-P4000DVD serious problem

Discussion in 'Car Audio Head Units' started by antman, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. antman

    antman New Member

    Hello! I recently bought a used 2003 honda civic, the car has a Pioneer AVH-P4000DVD.

    It works fine with my iPod through the AUX cable and sounds great. However the touch screen does NOT work.

    I cannot use any of the touch functions that the unit has. When I touch anything, nothing happens. I have tried pushing the reset button but that has not helped.

    Im rather stumped because I really did not think that touch screens just "stop working" like that.

    Just looking for maybe some help? Anything I can do? Its a rather expensive unit, such a shame it does not work.
  2. jgilk1

    jgilk1 Full Member

    have your pulled the screen apart to see if a connector came loose?
  3. mkulikowski

    mkulikowski Full Member

    So you recently bought this at? Meaning this was installed in it before or after you bought it? If you bought it with this, did the owner confirm it to work/was it working properly before you bought the car? If you installed it yourself, my guess is just as good as above.