Orion Xtreme 100 and 200

Discussion in 'Car Stereo Amplifiers' started by joe manor, Oct 25, 2006.

  1. joe manor

    joe manor Full Member

    Has anyone heard of an old school orion Xtr ctreme 100 and 200? Or how about NT-100 or 200?
  2. aznboi3644

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    Um...Viking should know...he'll be here shortly.

    He loves old schoo Orion.

    What exactly are you asking???
  3. TheViking

    TheViking Well-Known Member

    OH YES!!!!!! I have heard of them, installed a few back in the day!!!!!! The XTR 100 and 200 were world class amps, musically accurate, Powerful and the best of the best. although had a few issues with the balanced line inputs on a few of them (was an amp problem) the NT's you are reffering to?I dont seem to recall the NT 100 or 200......description please?

    If I could get hold of an XTR amp, i would give caddys and anz left nuts for it!!! AWESOME AMPS!!!!!!

    what in particular are you wanting to know?
  4. joe manor

    joe manor Full Member

    Just wanted to know what you guys thought of them. Im pretty much done buying amps, so I thought. I will be probably be picking up both a Xtreme 100 and 200. I have two XTR 475's, one HCCA 2100, one XTR 2250 Beast, one HCCA 250, and one XTR 2150. I was gonna call it good for now but It sounds like I better not pass on the oppurtunity to pick these up.
  5. TheViking

    TheViking Well-Known Member

    well. i goota say, if you can get a hold of them DO SO! Dont know what yall are doing with all that AWESOME Orion power, but if its like collecting guns or high end cars, you wont go wrong.. A few of the finest sytems i have ever done were using the XTR amps. Absolutley flawless in the reproduction of music, the amps were not even their if you know what i mean.. Now, whats it gunna take to get you to donate all them there amps to me!!!!!!!
  6. Frzninvt

    Frzninvt Full Member

    I am the owner of the Orion XTR-100 and XTR-200 that Joe was considering purchasing and certainly agree they are top notch amplifier's "The best of the best." They are superior to the XTR-475, XTR-2150, and even the stunning 24kt GSX-300 that I was using prior to acquiring them.

    The Orion NT100 and NT200 were the predecessor's to the XTR's. Same PCB's just a purple/black anodizing to the heatsink versus the red/black. The specifications are identical according to the user manuals.

    I am feeding them signal via the 5 pin DIN inputs from an Alpine CDA-7949 coupled to the PRA-H400 outboard DAC and the sound is nothing short of stunning. I am waiting for my Alpine CDA-7998 to come back from servicing. When it starting acting up I was disgusted with the whole setup and was going to sell it all off. Good thing no one came up with the cash because I most likely would have regretted it.

    I have also used the HiFonics Series VIII Isis and Ulysses and find the Orion amps superior to them.
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  7. Duke

    Duke New Member

    Hey guys I'm new here and just acquired a gsx300 and a nt200 Orion amp. Can some one please email me or message me and let me know what these are wort and how rare they actually are.. Any info would b greatly appreciated thanks in advance
  8. Frzninvt

    Frzninvt Full Member

    Well value depends on operating condition, whether or not they have been repaired in the past, and the overall cosmetic condition of the amplifiers. On average anywhere from $300 to $600 a piece. The higher end being perfect examples with original cartons and user manuals. Sorry for the delayed reply I do not visit the site much anymore.
  9. WilliamMaw

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    Both are good and are probably better than Autoglym,
    The Turtle wax shampoo isnt too different to the Zymol apart from the price tag difference