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Discussion in 'Automotive Electrical' started by subpounder101, Sep 6, 2011.

  1. subpounder101

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    Ok well I was given a Marine Batt. and I know the basics of the wiring for dual batt. use for car audio. But I would like to get a refresh on certain things to be 100%.

    I know it goes main batt - fuse(amp rating) - isolater relay - fuse(amp rating) - second batt. - fuse(amp rating) - Cap's - Amp and this is based off my setup. Now for the Isolater Relay, I have a 90amp Alternator, what type of Relay amps should I look for to keep a good charge 100 150 200 for a 13V Deep cycle batt?
  2. TheViking

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    big is good here...at least 200 amp. it has the contact surface area to handle higher currents and will be far more reliable....
  3. subpounder101

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    200A really... thats not gonna cause back draw will it?? For some reason I see a 90A Alt. having trouble producing enough electrodes to charge the 12V - than the 13V Batt and run the car with the stereo bumping....
    Unless i have it back words and the 200A has a bleed off cycle to charge it self to the max than trickle charge down...?