Nyc Council Overrides Mayor's Veto

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    NYC Council Overrides Mayor's Veto
    September 29, 2004 -- According to New York City Council's stated meeting report published by the Gotham Gazette, the council met on September 28, 2004, and overrode Mayor Bloomberg's veto.

    In August, NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg vetoed city council's bill, Intro 81-A, which sought to ban the installation and sale of alarms that could be motion-activated and sound for longer than three minutes. Intro 81-A closed an existing loophole in the city's current law allowing people to own such alarms.

    Mayor Bloomberg argued that the bill would ban all car alarms in New York City and could lead to more automobile theft, but the council argues the law is needed to curb noise.

    "It makes no sense that in a full blown initiative on noise problems in this city the mayor and the administration failed to address blaring car alarms that wake up people at all hours of the night," said Councilmember John Liu.

    The council overrode the mayor's veto by a vote of 49 to 2.
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    "sound for longer than three minutes"

    Does it really make a differnce how long it is? After the first 10 seconds you are already awake and ****ed off at 2 in the morning.
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    So now thats its all over, how much more tax will I have to pay for numerous inconveniences that will make f all difference to climate change?