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    I am looking to upgrade the factory system in my 2013 2dr jeep wrangler. It just has the base unit. Would it be possible to keep my factory head unit? I'm 53 years old, and would like a clear, clean sound. It does not need to be real loud. It does have the hard top. I would like to keep it simple and not real expensive, any suggestions? I listen to country and some 60 & 70's rock.
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    If you want to keep the factory stereo, then start with the speakers. And select a good quality speaker. I've never been a fan of Rockford Fosgate. I've had good experience with Polk Audio, Infinity Reference and Kenwood.

    Personally, all the speakers in my Truck are Polk Audio.

    The key to any speaker sounding good is a solid mount. A little dynamat for damping really goes a long way.


    Speakers always perform better in an enclosure, but I settled for some heavy baffles, and a little acoustic fill. There is dynomat behind the all of that.

    The speaker is being powered by a 75 watt x 75 watt RMS Kenwood amp. It really does sound good

    Anyway, start with the speakers. Try a pair of Infinity Reference or a pair of Kappas.
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