New Pics of Durango

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  1. Lazy Eye

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    Well I finally got around to getting some pics of the Durango.. The box is one of my buddies he's letting me use to experiment with the tuning.. it's tuned to 45hertz.. I now have the Encounter series in there instead of the PowerPlants..
    Well here is some pics, the first one of the front after my wreck isn't the best pic but it's the only one I have.. The guy did a pretty good job fixing and painting the front.
    And the underglow lights can be changed to any color by pressing a button! It's pretty sweet

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  2. cccullen

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    thought it was totaled.... Great you have your Durango back man
  3. Lazy Eye

    Lazy Eye Full Member

    Well the insurance company did total it, I have no idea why though, it barely bent the frame.. All I had to get was a new bumper, front clip, grill, radiator, and air conditioning core. which was all pretty cheap. After I got it fixed we just had to get it inspected by the state.
  4. cccullen

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    so you're on a salvage title now?
  5. Lazy Eye

    Lazy Eye Full Member

    Yeah unfortionatly lol.. But all well I don't plan on selling her :) haha
  6. cccullen

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    then i doesn't matter. she looks good though man, glad you have her back!
  7. Lazy Eye

    Lazy Eye Full Member

    Thanks man!
    I'm pretty happy with how she turned out
  8. agr1o el dueno

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    nice..all you need is some rims...but you have no voice set up? let me know i can get you some o2's 10inch (muchhhhh better than ev, beyma, celestion and all that trust me i sell audio bro...all i do is test and's and audio all day!
  9. slapman

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    i like the lights i would put more and go crazy with it..........
  10. Lazy Eye

    Lazy Eye Full Member

    thanks, I change something on it about everyday lol.. I've gotta new system planned out I'll be purchasing soon it's gonna be pretty sick!;)
  11. reinaldo

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    That's a good car of yours. The paint is really great.