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Discussion in 'Car Stereo Amplifiers' started by skatingrocker17, Apr 23, 2012.

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    I just took all of my stuff out of my 2006 Malibu and put it in my 2007 Lacrosse.

    Here's everything I put in:
    Sony XNV-770BT navigation head unit
    Hifonics Brutus BRZ1200.1D
    Two 12" Alpine Type-Rs (4ohm) running at 1ohm

    I used a different wiring harness in my install, I used the Axxess GMOS-04 Class II OnStarĀ® Interface for Amplified Systems.

    Here's the problem, I'll use the volume level 20 (on my head unit) for reference, at 20 in the Malibu everything was perfect, it was loud and the subs really showed their power over the rest of the speakers. I only had the amp turned up about half way.

    Now, in the Lacrosse the volume is super loud at about volume level 12, and I know the subs will get just as loud but the problem is that the other speakers are just louder so I can't feel the subs as much. If I turned it up to 20 like before the subs would need to be louder. I turned up my amp all the way but the speakers are just too loud. Before I had the speakers and subs at about the perfect level but I just can't reach the level anymore. I would assume the problem is in the factory amp of the car, it has the "premium sound system" and the Monsoon amp must be making the speakers too loud, I know it sounds weird but I'd like to turn them down. There's almost no quiet anymore, 5 is loud and I think it goes up to 64.

    Is there any way I can turn down the rest of my speakers since I can't turn the amp up anymore?
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    if you ran new speaker wires it would cut out the factory amp from the equation but thats allot of work, try to find out where the factory amp is located if its not in the dash, you can take the input wires and connect them to the output wires and turn the amp off or disconnect the power so it doesn't continue to pull on the battery. but if the amp is in the dash then it would probably be easier to run new speaker wire. a little time consuming but would probably fix the problem, if not then u have a setting not correct in the sony head unit.
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    You are not right.