need info about the avh4200 1 video output

Discussion in 'Car Audio Head Units' started by notch07, Oct 1, 2010.

  1. notch07

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    Whats up guys, came across this forum while searching for head unit infos. I'm thinking about purchasing a pioneer avh 4200 only thing that bugs me is the 1 video ouput, i have 2 headrest laying around the house and i was thinking of installing them at the same time. Is there a way to get around that, also any feedback on the unit itself would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. Ranger SVO

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    One video out should be able to output to two screens. If you need a better picture or the picture is not up to the quality you expect then a Farenheit video amp may be what you need
  3. monster71

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    I have 4 screens in my Tahoe on a single output Power Teckniques DVD player with no extra video amp and everything works great. No picture problem. I do have a bit of alternator whine but oh well. I even put a ground loop isolator and its still there. Oops sorry for the jack. This is about video not DVD audio.
  4. notch07

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    thanks guys,i will install it once i get it and see if the picture is in good quality
  5. TE5LA

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    If the two screens are identical, you'll probably get an okay picture. It's when you try to split it too much, you start to loose brightness.
  6. fatGiG

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