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    Hi to all members here in CAT.I have a little problem with my stereo upgrade.This is my first upgrade.I have a Honda FIT Sport 2010 with a automatic trany.The car has the factory stereo system(160 watts with 6 speakers).The system for me sound OK but i don't have bass in the car.The system can not give a nice bass punch.I decide to add a amp with 4 speakers and a sub.I have ALL the OEM stereo system on the car BUT i add also a Kenwood KAC-X40,4 Kenwood KFC-1662s speakers (3 way 6.5") with a Mitsubishi Lancer GTS 10" Rockford Fosqate subwoofer.I take the audio signal from the rear left factory speaker using a BTL cable(high signal to RCA converter).The 4 KFC-1662s are in the rear taking place where the cargo cover must be.The sub is in a bass enclosed.I'm using the factory headunit with all factory speakers.I add a switch under the dash to power "ON" the amp to play the kenwood speakers and the sub.The KAC-X40 is a 4 channel amp.One channel is playing the kenwoods and the other channel is in bridge mode punching the sub.For me it sound just GREAT!!!
    BUT....Here is my problem.My headlights at night flicks a little with the punch of the bass at high volumen.I have the small stock battery.What i must do to solve the flick of my headlights at night?
    Some friends said a cap,some a high output alternator,some a second battery on the rear.I want to do the right thing?Is only one amp.This amp has two 25A fuse.What to do?
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    Forget the cap, you don't have enough power to warrant a HO alt. You either need a better battery or run 2 and don't forget the big 3, mainly the chassis to block since it's the weakest link.