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Discussion in 'Off Topic Discussion' started by aznboi3644, Oct 26, 2010.

  1. aznboi3644

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    Hey guys...I haven't been here in I can't remember how long. How have you all been?? I'm sure there are new faces here...cheers.

    I've gotten out of the car audio scene. I had to because of work and school...just not enough daylight for it.

    I have continued my love for wood working with the craft of bow making.

    I want to see what everyone would think about having a raffle of some sort. Contributing the earnings to the forum.

    I am almost finished with a hemp backed hickory short bow. Final weight should be around 40lbs at 26 inches of draw. This means that the weight of the string when the bow is pulled to 26" is 40lbs. It is a very smooth shooting bow...I have heat treated the bow prior to the hemp backing.

    This is no toy but a serious hunting weapon legal for hunting in most of the US

    I just love the pure sport of archery and bow making and want to contribute back to this placeo

    I'll take more pictures after I get a finish on this bow.

    Here is a teaser pic from before the heat treating and hemp backing.

  2. Ranger SVO

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    We really did miss you. Its about time you came back.
  3. Kvo_8

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    hey azn, glad to see you made an appearance on CAT again :)
  4. jonnyv713

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    what up azn! nice to see you making an appearance
  5. aznboi3644

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    Hey guys...I've missed you too.

    After heat treating and applying the hemp backing the bow has jumped from 40lbs to around 50lbs. It is even more deadly...I'll have to shoot a couple hundred arrows through the bow to make sure it is safe to give away...This will actually be my first bow given away as a gift...sure to be more in the near future.

    Maybe I'll have to keep it :) and make a new one for the raffle lol
  6. TheViking

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    HOLY COW! Azn! What the heck!

    And your into bows...interesting. I have a few myself, although not homemade.

    Glad to see you in here! been what? 4 years! LOL!