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    Here is quick view of the frontal assault! This setup can make theater's sound weak. The system consists of four Klipsch Klipschorn's, a La Scala center, and Heresy side surrounds/rear effects. Bass is provided by dual Velodyne HGS-15 15" Servo's, loud and low. With efficiencies of 104db@ 1W it can get real loud, real easy and accuracy and detail are off the scale due to the horn loading.

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    damn...pretty impressive
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    FOUR k horns???????

    WTF!!! are you filthy rich!!!!!

    I am VERY familiar with K horns.....

    Wanna impress them off the headphone output of an ipod or similiar!!!

    Nice set up!
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    NICE sound set up!!!

    but will all that sound. Why such a small screen?

    I'll post up some pictures of my home theater soon.
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    he spent all the money on the sound
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    Thanks guys, I have been putting this system together for about 5 years now changing various components in and out. All the Klipsch speakers have newly designed crossover networks and wiring with Kimbers, Auricap Thetas, and V-Caps and 10 ga wiring and gold plated spade lugs. The 115lb Sherbourn 7/2100A is a true 7 channel mono block amp it can supply 200W min to all 7 channels. (See Photos)

    Prior to that I was using two rare DBX BX-1 amplifier's running in 4 channel mode. The A/V pre/pro is the NAD T163, I chose it over a number of others including the B&K Ref 50. It puts musicality and performance over useless features. It has dual subwoofer outputs so I do not have to use a "Y" adapter.

    I did not need a bigger TV for my current place although it is a 42" Hitachi Plasma with 1080i resolution, when I move into my house I will be using a Runco projector so the picture will be as big as the sound! It does music just as well as movies.

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    DAMN. Killa amp. lol
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    Holy crap.