My Boomin Bowtie

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    This project I started about a year ago. This is my 1994 Chevrolet S10 Blazer, when I got it the system was bone stock.
    I have installed the following to improve my audio/video experience:

    1) Pioneer AVH-4200 7" touchscreen

    Mids & Highs:
    1) Set of 4ohm Hertz Audio 5.25" Energy Series coaxials (Front Dash)
    1) Set of 4ohm Kicker DS 6.5" coaxials (Rear Doors)
    1) Set of 4ohm Kicker DS 6x9 coaxials (Separate Boxes)
    1) Kicker SX700.4 powering my 5.25's and 6x9's

    1) Set of dual 4ohm Kicker Solo-baric L7 12's running at 1ohm. Powered by a Kicker SX1250.1
    1) Dual 4ohm Kicker Solo-baric L7 12 running 2ohms, powered by a Memphis MCD1000.1 class D

    Power Storage:
    1) Stinger 20 Farrad Capacitor

    Wires & Stuff:
    1) Set 0AWG power & ground
    4) Sets Stinger EVA's
    1) 200 amp Stinger 24k gold inline fuse

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