More Ht Questions - Paradigm Or Build??

Discussion in 'Home Audio Talk' started by texcon, Dec 8, 2004.

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    OK, I was able to convince my father in law that those Theatre Research speakers were crap, which I thought from the get-go. So I am now trying to determine between buying some speakers or building some from Parts Express.

    My FIL has a budget of about $350, which isn't much at all. This money would be for 2 fronts and a center channel. Now I think he could get some Paradigm Titans for the fronts and a Paradigm center around the $350 range. These were highly recommended to me by someone whom I trust in terms of HT (the guy runs his own HT forum and is an active hobbyist).

    So that would be an easy solution, but I wanted to ask about the thought of building some speakers using PE. I see in my catalog that PE sells pre-fab bookshelf speaker boxes for a reasonable price. We don't have the know-how to laminate boxes so they look nice - maybe some other time ;)

    The big question I would have is WHAT speakers to get? My in-laws are more into using their speakers for HT than music, so that narrows things down a bit. But I am simply unsure what speakers would be best for a HT application and which crossover to get that matches the speakers we'd buy. So I am clay in all of your hands!

    I was thinking a nice 6.5" mid and a tweet would suffice for each of the front speakers. I am not 100% sure what should be included in the center channel, if we were to build one. Center channels typically contain just mids, right? Maybe two 4" mids?

    Thanks for any help you guys can offer!!
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    Adire kits seem pretty good :) Same with creative sounds kits....I believe most use TB drivers. (You can get tang band at partsexpress)

    Paradigm does make some wicked HT gear though!
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    Here is a two way system I just built that sounds wonderful even with a simple shallow-slope crossover! Im using a vifa tweet and a Hi-Vi 8" on each side (kind of an unconventional 2-way) but you could use the 6.5" instead if you want. The tweets are the ring radiator tweets that everyone is using now from vifa. Not sure if you need shielded or not, they have both types at PE. In fact if you use 6's mids for the right and left channel, and then a couple 5's and a tweet in the mid (MTM config) it will put you just a little under $350

    Order 2 of these:
    2 of these:
    3 of these: