Looking for a complete system!

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  1. p0z3r

    p0z3r New Member

    Dear Forum members,

    I'm looking for a compelte audio system for my car (amplifier and speakers)!
    I'd give even 300$!

    I want something powerful!

    I've done some research and i've found these:


    Are they good?
    Do you have to suggest something better?

    My car is an Opel Corsa C! I will install the system on this for now, but i after i sale my Corsa i will take the system and modify it to my new car!


    Thanks in advance
  2. pedro quiroga

    pedro quiroga Well-Known Member

    no and no... save more money and buy better quality electronics.
  3. p0z3r

    p0z3r New Member

    Ohhh really?
    Damn, some audio pros here told me that these are good!

    Do you have to suggest something? :)
  4. monster71

    monster71 Full Member

    Ima agree with Pedro. Junk items. $300 is a small budget, but a budget none the less. Do more searching. U said complete system. Meaning? Because to be honest if u r talking front and rear speakers, amp, sub and wiring $300 wont do it, at least not decent new stuff. Maybe used. Save up if it has to be new. Or buy it in pieces and install when u have it all together.

    I did see this weekend at Best Buy the Kenwood bass pack. Two 12 in subs with amp on clearance for $179. Still would need a box.
  5. Promodmerc

    Promodmerc Full Member

    He is in Greece so I'm assumimg he is limited to Ebay or online sources for car audio.
  6. p0z3r

    p0z3r New Member

    well, if this is the oponion of a pro! I'll save some money and then try again! lol
    After my ipnone i will start collecting money for that!

    Well, i can buy everything from ebay or any other site! :cool:
  7. pedro quiroga

    pedro quiroga Well-Known Member

    do this... with that 300 buy a decent head unit and two decent front speakers. that will get you started.
    later on, save for an set of rear speakers. they do not have to be as lavish as the front. they need to sound good to you tho. a coaxial set will do just fine.

    save a bit more down the road... buy a 4ch amp to power your speakers. then a little time later when money allows, buy a sub woofer and a box. you can rewire the rear channels of the 4ch amp to power the sub until you can afford a decent sub amp. you can run the rear speakers with the head unit so they will still play.

    in time after you find a good sub amp rewire your 2 rear speakers back to the 4ch.

    now most 4ch amps can be wired into a 4 ohm mono load... so either find a single 4 ohm sub or a dual 2 ohm sub. so that when you find an amp it can be either wired into a 1 ohm mono load or a 4 ohm mono load. the power and ohm load is up to you.

    look for a 4ch amp that can do at least 75~100 x 4 so you have a little power to play with. not sure what kind of sub bass your after so thats up to you... 500 to 750to a pair of 10's or a single 12, or even 2 12's should work as long as its a good subwoofer/s... not a crap one. not sure what brands you have available to you.

    the enclosure will play a major role in the bass response though. ported is more efficient with less power. and a sealed box is good on high power.. either will do fine if installed in the correct sized enclosure for the vehicle...

    good luck. :)
  8. pedro quiroga

    pedro quiroga Well-Known Member

    one more thing... do not scimp on your power cables and interconnects. i.e RCA cables. buy the best you can afford. do that when you buy your amp.

    be it a sub amp first and sub or the 4ch for the midranges. at least 4 AWG wire. and a decent to good fuse holder under the hood as well. wire,interconnects and fusing can run up to 100 on the inexpensive side if you do your homework or a few hundred or way more... but in your case 4 gauge and 3 sets of rca's and fusing shouldn't be too much.

    just do it in stages. like i said for now, your front speakers and head unit should be first... or just a good head and use your stock speakers for now.. some stock speakers can come alive with a little more power. its totally up to you, but buying what you posted my leave you with a sour taste in your mouth..
  9. saikman

    saikman Member

    Not sure how many pcs of equipment you need when you say complete system, but with that kind of budget you probably can find a bunch of decent stuff such as head units, amps, speakers wiring etc at at different online stores. www.gizmoby.com seems to be a decent place to buy from based on my past experience.