just a quick hi and first box build.

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    hi all im bang in to this stuff now after building my 1st descent box not the nicest looking thing but its bumping and im proud of it ...so plz dont rip .. advice is always good .. thing im struggling with is iv popt 2 amps so far,,, some things up!!!

    what i have . 3 mutant mt1207 800w subs .
    1stly i wired them + to + to + of the sub to the amp and - to - to - to the amp .which was a 1200w vibe 2 channel amp bridged. which ran for a few days and sputtered and died .half the board was dead .

    then i went through a legacy 2000w 2ch amp .bridged and was advised by a mate to run them in series same thing after a few days the amp fizzled out . and runs at half power .

    what could be the cause .. i am using 2x590amp battery strapped with 4 gauge to amps and earth which i have done the big 3 to . im getting a nice 13.2 v /and 14.5v on engine and its not dropping on the bass line

    ohms on subs stand at 3.8

    im also running a split chage system to charge the battery via a unit on the front battery to the 2 rear . which works brill iv never had any dead battery's so far after 3 month or so

    so any advice or tests i need to do for some help ill post pics or any thing !!!!!!

    IMAG0007.jpg IMAG0008.jpg IMAG0009.jpg IMAG0014.jpg IMAG0019.jpg IMAG0021.jpg IMAG0022.jpg samsung 044.jpg
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    ahh haway some one reply ..
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