is this a good setup?

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  1. psycho_maniac

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    I picked these for my next system. its not as loud as my last one I dont think, but its decent I think.

    wires -{8}19

    amp -{8}18

    subs/box -{8}18

    would wire it up to 1 ohm for 1000 rms. What do you guys think?

    Price range is 1000 and I own a 2005 mazda6i which is a hatchback.

    no clue why the orignal links dont work but i used to shorten them and gave the orignal link just incase you are worried.
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  2. pedro quiroga

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    those aren't links, and i'm too lazy to copy and paste.
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    Thanks! I'll fix it later. Shorturl style

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  4. pedro quiroga

    pedro quiroga Well-Known Member

    the power kit has 4 gauge power but 8 gauge ground? i would pass.

    and why spend 500 for subs in a prefab? you can get much better for less.
  5. psycho_maniac

    psycho_maniac Full Member

    Then help me pick something out better :) Thats why I started this thread. I made my own box last time. Not sure who designs them anymore on here. I haven't been to this forum in a long time.
  6. psycho_maniac

    psycho_maniac Full Member

    Any one? If you think I can get a completely better setup by all means share some links
  7. jgilk1

    jgilk1 Full Member

    are you looking for price, quality, or spl?

    woofer size?

    10, 12, 15, 18???

    ported, sealed, bandpass???

    power rating??? 100rms, 300rms, 500rms, 1000 rms (per sub)

    if you cant answer those what kind of music do you listen to and or how old are you?

    you said you had a previous system what was your subs, box, amp (s)

    what deck are you using?
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  8. psycho_maniac

    psycho_maniac Full Member

    prolly 2 12's

    I like ported.

    500rms (per sub)

    rock, rap, dubstep, and i'm 26

    I had 2 kicker 12's I forgot the model but they were 750rms each and i had a 2000rms hifonics amp with a ported custom built box

    I have a eclipse CD7100
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  9. jgilk1

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    the fact that you are going with square subs i am assuming that you are looking for spl... i would prsonally go with a single l7 over dual an spend the spare cash on sound deadening... it will give you higher spl and better bass response...

    as for the wiring i part my wiring together from the local shop... you get bigger agw for less price (most the time) as well most wiring kits are over priced imho

    (its all personal opinion)
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  10. pedro quiroga

    pedro quiroga Well-Known Member

  11. psycho_maniac

    psycho_maniac Full Member

    Thank you all. I think I'm just gonna go with my old system which was:
    2 kicker L7's and the Hifonics BRZ2100 knukonceptz flex 0 guage wire kit and rcu cables
    Any suggestions with some RCA's that have the power wire built in?
    What size fuse should I run by the battery and what size fuse should I run before the amp? I was thinking 2 80's? I had a 230 before the amp and that seems kinda high
    The kit comes with a inline fuse and a fuse block
  12. psycho_maniac

    psycho_maniac Full Member

    Well I've decided to just build the system I used to have. I knew a lot about that system and I have specs on all of it, plus I have blueprints of a box I built before from aznboi. Question
    I'll be running the brx2100 hifonics amp at 1400 watts, Im thinking about getting this wire kit
    Now that site says I have to have under 300a and the amp requires 200a so can I run (2) 100a fuses to the amp and then (1) 100a fuse at the car battery?