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Discussion in 'General Car Audio Discussions' started by Honest Bob, Sep 12, 2004.

  1. Honest Bob

    Honest Bob Full Member

    I was thinking today that it would be cool if I could control my Kenwood MP919 with my cell phone (Sony Ericsson T610) via the infared port. Any ideas on how to go about doing this?
  2. The_Ancient

    The_Ancient Full Member

    1st requirement

    EE Degree ;)
  3. ASM

    ASM Full Member

    Yeah, you're getting into some pretty difficult stuff there.
  4. Honest Bob

    Honest Bob Full Member

    Ohh :blush:

    I can dream though right? :p
  5. hobbes26

    hobbes26 Full Member

    I don't know if the regular IR output of phones is strong enough to be received by the HU's receiver.
  6. Jamesr316

    Jamesr316 Full Member

    while in theory it sounds cool, but do we really need something else distracting you on the road?
  7. superman

    superman Guest

    you could start by checking the strength of the IR port by pointing it along side of your HU remote towards a digital camera (while watching the viewfinder on the digital camera) and see if your Cell phone's IR bulb is near as bright as your HU remote's IR bulb.