I thought this was going to be easy! Need Help please.

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    well its been more than 10 years since i installed anything wow has it changed!.

    heres my problem. I have an 07 jeep wrangler with the infinity system? I guess because it has factory amp and sub. but just the basic head unit. well building my little system one piece at a time,
    I did 2 Focal 6.5 up front and 2 focal 6.5 up on the sound bar using factory HU. sounded ok, Better but just ok.
    I guess Ill start by saying I bought a Kenwood 2 din DVX500BT with a $6 wire harness from amazon, hooked it up everything worked but no sound!
    Started looking for info on my regular jeep forums and well of coarse my Jeep needs a damn $100 wire harness and i was using wrong one.
    ok so I go and get the Axxess CHTO-03 harness so my radio can communicate with my computer still using factory amp to power 4 mids.
    oh and i took out factory sub awhile back.
    I have a 5 channel fosgate prime amp that i was going to run everything on but decided to run only a 12'' JL. instead of running speaker wire to each speaker at the moment and I would keep HU powering mids. well i have the head unit wired in, turns on and off but no sound all the display and everything works just no sound. then every so often the sound will come on for a few seconds and go silent. does anyone know what the heck is going on with my install? any help would be greatful, thank you Nate
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    ok i got it all fixed up and working good! problem was I had a random blue wire hooked up to my remote wire. disconnected it and now everything works good I even hooked up the sub!