I have 2 Rockford Fosgate hx2 subs, and two older 2 chanell amps (and no money)

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    I need to make due w/what I got and make it work. Im poor. The Questions and Answerssubs are two 12", Fosgate, 1000w Hx2, dual voice coil, dual 4ohm, Sumas SM-30BT head unit, and two amps (JBL 2chanell, older, 200-300w?, then Fosgate 300w, older 2chanell, and a box for the 12's). Need to know how to best wire it, subs parallel or series, any help I can get. Got all phono cables and wires, head unit already installed, etc. thanks for any help.
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    find out the min impedance for the amp, I would say use the fosgate one. and then depending on the power you want wire it at min resistance or with more. i.e. if min is 1 ohm wire it 1 if you want max power 2ohms if you want to be sure of no probs. when you decide what impedance at which you wanna run is when you will decide whether to go parallel or series