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    This is probably the most common question I get. So, instead of typing this twice a day every day, I thought it would be smart to type it once here for all to see.

    There area actually several ways to post your photos here on LVC. But before that, see How to make my photos internet friendly

    Now that you have Internet friendly photos - here is what you can do with them here.

    How to place a photo in a post.

    Its actually very easy. When your making a post, this screen comes up:


    The text of your message goes in the big box, and below you see the button labled "Click to Upload Photo" -- simply click that. This screen comes up:


    Click the browse button and select the photo on your computer you want to post. Once you have selected the photo click upload, then close that box after it has uploaded. Your photo is posted. You can post additional photos by clicking browse again before closing the box.

    See, Simple.

    Also See this post about Using our Photo Gallery

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