How to make Your Photos Internet Friendly

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    High resolution digital cameras are commonplace today. They produce great quality photos with ease. These are great for looking at when on your own computer, but they are not so great for the web. Why? Simply put, size.

    A digital camera will give you photos that are HUGE by internet standards. Huge photos take a long time to download for viewing. Some cameras can give you photos that are 1 meg or more in size. A pic of this size can take up to 30 seconds for a dialup user to fully download to his computer to see. Doesnt sound like a long time, try staring at your computer for 30 seconds while doing nothing.

    Accordingly our system here has limitations on size of photos you can upload.
    Ok, so what to do with your pics. Everyone should have an image resizer. I recommend a microsoft product called PowerToys Image Resizer. It's free and can be obtained here: Microsoft PowerToys for Windows XP Download and install the Image Resizer.

    Image Resizer Directions
    This PowerToy enables you to resize one or many image files. When resizing you can choose from one of four standard sizes or choose a size that you specify. You can also choose to resize the original image or create a new one. Right click any image(s) and select 'Resize Pictures' in the context menu.

    Using this program can reduct a 1meg photo to 50Kb or about 5% of original size without losing any discernable quality.

    There are many programs out there that can do what this one does, but this one is free and simple to use.

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    When i go to resize my pics i just use MS paint there you can stretch and skew your photo to whatever size you like and they still come out looking crystal clear FYI.
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    I would reccomend either Photoshop or IrfanView myself. Joey's was a good suggestion though. If anyone needs info on how to use either of the two programs i just mention... let me know.