how do i hook up a computer to my cars audio?

Discussion in 'Automotive PC (Computer)' started by makecar, Jun 27, 2009.

  1. makecar

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    i have a 95 mazda mx-6 and it doesn't have a radio deck in it. just an empty din with a few wires hanging loose in it. one of the wires looks like an actual plug of some kind that would hook to the back of an audio unit. i'm trying to hook the speakers to a computer, so i'm guessing i have to get a converter for that plug to 3.5mm jack or something. maybe not? how do i do this?
    the computer is a Nokia 770 internet tablet if that helps at all
  2. Lazy Eye

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    why don't you just get a head unit with an aux?
  3. Z400

    Z400 Full Member

    Who does that?

  4. aaronb

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    Splice an auxiliary cord to you speaker wire and then just simply plug it into your computer
  5. aaronb

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    Boom problem solved
  6. thomash1313

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    don't think that would work, how does the signal gets amplified?