How can we make Car Audio Talk more interesting?

Discussion in 'Website Suggestions and Help' started by Caraudiotalk, Apr 9, 2007.

  1. Caraudiotalk

    Caraudiotalk Administrator Staff Member

    How can we make Car Audio Talk more interesting?

    What can we do to get you to visit and post here more frequently?

    Tell us how to make things better and more interesting for you.
  2. DaveDSMer

    DaveDSMer Full Member

    we need more people to ask more questions.

    maybe some sort of contests.

    maybe a review section where people can review equipment they have with pictures and such and people could respond to it.
  3. Spkrman

    Spkrman Full Member

    Trim down the forums - we dont need so many sections for such a small community.

    This makes these forums much easier to browse, and by consolidating posts makes them more "active" to onlookers.

    Nobody wants to post on a dead forum :cool:
  4. sjh350

    sjh350 New Member

    User rides with pics and
    Advice from installers
  5. cccullen

    cccullen Full Member

    I agree with dave. we should have some reviews on new equipment to inform people of all the new stuff that's coming. Maybe some comparisons as to car audio equipment in certain price ranges.
  6. Caraudiotalk

    Caraudiotalk Administrator Staff Member

    We have user rides - the photo gallery -- For example - here's mine -- Everyone is welcome and encouraged to use the gallery. You can have more then one gallery as well.

    Ok Dave - You wanna write a handful of reviews? I can set up a review section easily. Wanna write up a handful to help us get it started???

    As far as the number of forums-- what dont we need?
  7. TheViking

    TheViking Well-Known Member

    The diversity is important in any site....over complexity is is also a detraction from user use.

    I personally find that the available topics are handy and well thought out. There is enough coverage to handle all of the pertinant information. Any more would be a waste. any less would make looking for specific info more difficult.

    One thing we need to do (and i am also guilty of this!!! ) Is to keep the threads and posts on topic. So many times the original post is forgotton about in the threads.

    I will work on this more effectively myelf and help guide others in the right path. this is a serious distraction at times and probably drives some users away.

    The review idea is a great thoght. We need to come up with some parameters and guidelines for this process however. Instead of saying brand x suxs!!! and brand z kicks ass cause i say so !!!!!! LOL!!!

    Another option for grabbing more attention might be some sort of raffle or giveaway as was mentioned...though money is invloved and not something we all are in plenty of!......
  8. psycho_maniac

    psycho_maniac Full Member

    If we have reviews maybe we can have readmes or HOWTOS. Documented instructions on how to specifically do something on your car.
  9. sl0wm03

    sl0wm03 Full Member

    People are scared to post questions because they think they will be embarassed. I think the site is good and has good staff and members.
  10. Eclipsed

    Eclipsed Full Member

    I agree, the forum does need to be slimmed down because we only use a handful of them. Keep the basic Off-Topic, Car Repair and Audio stuff.

    And also slim each thread areas down and get rid of the unnessesary stuff like old dead topics but keep the important ones around.
  11. psycho_maniac

    psycho_maniac Full Member

    Yes I know another forum thats linked from this one. If you ask a question you are called a noob and told to search. No help just lectures. This is what I like about this forum. If the topic has already been covered the person is usually linked to the other thread (I think)

    some of the forums seem good but could probably be sub-forums
    General Car Audio Discussions (maybe changed to car audio discussions?)
    -Car audio Head Uints
    -car audio speakers
    -car stereo amplifiers
    -car subwoofers

    what about this idea?
    also "Automotive Pc (computer)" only has 2 topics. Do we really need this?
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  12. DaveDSMer

    DaveDSMer Full Member

    If you were going to do a review section I don't mind doing some write-ups. Basically you need some sort of basic format for that forum though. Like all threads are reviews only. List what is being reviewed in the title and only review one piece of equipment per thread. Then if anyone wants to ask questsions about it then can post in that thread and you can respond. Better than having someone review their whole system in one thread.
  13. Caraudiotalk

    Caraudiotalk Administrator Staff Member

    Absolutely. However, the only problem is - someone has to write them up.

    Of anyone wants to write up 5 or 10 reviews, or a handful of how-to articles - and get us started, I'll happily put to gether the system to show those and I'll even market them to our membership. If each of you did 3-4 reviews and 3-4 how-tos ---- we would have a good starting base and some stuff really helpful to people.

    Contests --- Yes - I want to do a few. I usually ask a vendor to donate things. Right now, I dont have anything audio related. But I'll try to get a few audio related prizes and we can have a few contests. Maybe we can have a contest for the best review - or best how-to article.

    Well, you have to plan for the future. A future member may want to read on of those old topics. So we need to hang onto those.

    As far as the number of forums - really, if our posting of new threads increased, they wouldnt seem empty, they would seem organized. So the positive approach is to get people posting new threads more.
  14. aznboi3644

    aznboi3644 Full Member

    I have some reviews to make....and maybe a "how-to" or two.
  15. aguilarf

    aguilarf Full Member

    How about a "Resources" type page for members only, where we can post info like wiring diagrams/schematics, best tools to use/buy, and any other helpful installation information.
  16. xlaudio

    xlaudio Full Member

    need more pics, diagrams, install pic, peolple like pictures.
    i like the site alot, but just on so many fourms to say focus.
    provide tech events like schooling, like expos postings etc.
    event pictures
  17. Attack Eagle

    Attack Eagle Full Member

    for me you need to have a solid group of SQ guys who are well known competitors with a lot of experience, manufacturer reps from good high quality companies (not kicker mtx rockford crap vendors), IASCA and other competitive groups members and event organizers, etc.

    I want the best of the best of the best, preferably people who have been around for 10-15 years.
    This website just doesn't have the same type of members that elite does.

    Otherwise it would have to have a strong emphasis on Bimmers, if it was not a SQ competitors site.
  18. aznboi3644

    aznboi3644 Full Member

    Attack, haven't seen you around here in a while.

    What have you been up to??? turn into a lurker??
  19. TheViking

    TheViking Well-Known Member

    I meet all that criteria. Though it has been quite a while.....

    If we arent up to your standerds of thinking and advice, or choice of cars, perhaps we need to shut this site down.

    Actually, the target audience has never been defined, except by you. With your requirements, it would require a full time staff of car audio techs to be on call at all times with answers to everything about everything.

    We as a group here are doing this as hobby, to give honest answers and honest advice. Most of us here are not into the lEEt thing such as yourself, although I am sure i among a few others could put a sytem together that would make yours sound like , well, a nice sytem.

    My point is, is that the knowledge base here might no be as broad as other sites (meaning not as many knowledgable members) But the knowledge to create an upstanding SQ car, even in a Bimmer, of which i have worked on literaly dozens of, is here, and is available.

    I dont know where you frequent, and frankly dont care. I am sure wherever it is, they DO know there stuff. I am not here to argue profusley about topics or ideas, I just give my 2 cents that has been part of my career for 10 years.

    If I could remember even 3 guys i did SQ sytems for, and went to IASCA nationals, and placed, i would give you the names...but i cant.....the last one was james bigsby, or bugsby.......something like that...that was the last sytem i did...about 4 years ago...look it up in the IASCA arcives.....I did it as a favor for his dad and a little cash,,,,,was a fusion sytem........

    Now, where was I?????? Oh ya, my beer...............there it is.
  20. CadillacETC1997

    CadillacETC1997 Well-Known Member

    contest are always good but usually theres a lack of contributers for it

    imho we need to set up a more authorized trading line through the site, meets, tech tips, and maybe a chat room