How big should I go?

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    I have two autotek street machine 12's. The amp I have is a ****ty mobile solutions 400 watt amp. They sound good, I know they're not the best subs but I couldn't beat the deal. My question is, what's the biggest amp I could use without messing with the longevity and sq of the subs? Sorry, I'm reaaaally new to car audio.
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    without any info on your subwoofers I would guess safely they can handle 8000 watts RMS each
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    lmao....we need info man!
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    I looked up you subs.. I don't know if they're DVC 4ohm. If they are then they can take 300 watts rms each. so if you wire them at 1ohm then find an amp that will do 600 watts RMS at 1ohm or if you wire them at a 4ohm impedance then you should look for a 1 channel amp that will do at least 600 watts at 4ohms.
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    ok so their 350 watts RMS a piece. so the same thing i said above but instead of a 600 watts RMS amp you should be looking for at least a 700 watt amp at either 1ohm or 4ohms.

    What's your budget?
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    I can get some pretty nice amps around here for about fifty bucks. My 420 watt was only 30. I hear it's safe to cut the maxx wattage in half for rms wattage, right? Another thing is that I don't eally don't know what you're talking about when you start talking about ohms and hz, etc, so what's the diffrence? I have another question as well, my current stereo doesn't have a subwoofer setting, but i'm wanting to get one that does. How much of a difference will that make? Sorry for all the questions, but thanks for the replies.
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    its what we r here for
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    $50 bucks for an amp? what kind of amp? I never pay attention to max wattage. i only look at RMS ratings and even then if the amp isn't that great then i'd knock off 20% or the rated to get what it really puts out. It all depends upon the amp.

    A stereo without with a sub preout is the way to go. you'll be a lot happier to have more control over your sub via the deck.

    when i spoke of impedance you have to know at what impedance your amp will be stable at. some amps are only stable at 4ohms and 2ohms while others can go down to 1ohm or even lower, it's very important to know. You simply wire your subs to get the correct impedance so the amp can handle the load. if you wire the subs or any speaker to an impedance that the amp can't handle then you risk screwing up your amp.
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