High Power 4ch Clean Amp Ideas

Discussion in 'Car Stereo Amplifiers' started by Poseur, Aug 12, 2004.

  1. Poseur

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    Okay, so I'm looking at doing this funky 3-way setup consisting of my cdt tweets and xovers, 2 pairs of 4.5" 8ohm midranges, and a pair of 6.5 midbass's in the doors.

    This should all workout pretty nicely in theory, however, I'm going to need to amp this all somehow. I'm thinking that a 4channel amp running one pair to the tweets and 4's and then the other pair f channels to the 6's would do nicely. I've got a good bit of crossover control in my deck, so I shold be able to get by with using that for now.

    Currently I've got a tsunami 4440 amp which will push 4x75, this will suffice, but I've been running it bridged and really learning to love howmuch cleaner extra power makes things sound. Basicalyl I need more juice.

    Here are my requirements:
    -width and depth aren't much of a problem, but I've got a 22" wide space under my seat. (this would have to include RCA'jacks, etc if they're placed on theends)
    -I'd like output to be in the 150wx4 range at 4hms, 200 would be awesome, definately over 100w.
    -I don't have a TON of money to throw around, I'd say $400ish max if i's worht it.
    -I want CLEAN power, and preferably a bit of reliability.

    All in all it doesn't sound like toomuch to ask for, but I've been finding tha this kind of output is hard to comeby. There's TONS of 2ch amps that putout power in the right range, but I'd realyl rather keep all of my amps under-seat and the other side's occipied by my subamp.

    SOfar the only real options I've come up with are rater spendy.
    MB quart QAA4250 http://www.mbquart.com/scripts/mbtech.cfg/...ated=1085605799
    would be sweet except for it ain't cheap.

    PG xenon 200.4
    mildly more affordable, but width is listed at 22" and I've heared form some ppl that actual physical measurement is morelike 24, connections are on one of the sides instead of the ends, however so it would hookup alright.
  2. geolemon

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    Parts Express sells that Xenon amp, I don't remember it being too expensive.

    Also, check out http://usacaraudio.com/CADENCE.htm
    That site sells Cadence at dealer cost, no joke.
    Check out the Q series amps, really amazing bang for the buck.
    I've installed two Q3000's and really been impressed both times - I'd run that amp personally myself. Capable of extremely loud (yet clean) output... in fact, one of the loudest systems I've ever heard, was one that I installed using that amp.
  3. smgreen20

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    The PG Xenon 200.4 as stated above, also check out the MB Quartamp that's 200 X 4. I can't remember the ## of the amp. Sorry.
  4. luvdeftonz

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    Go on ebay. There's a "shop" selling PG Tantrum 600.4's for $189 each. It's two amps, but it might just squeak in there regarding room. They do 75x4 or 300x2. Grab a pair and you'll have uber headroom....220x2 from the Tsunami and 300x2 from the pair of PG's. The cool thing about those Xenon amps, though, is they make their power at 1-4 ohms stereo...so the versatility is definitely a high selling point. Kicker and PPI also make some ~125x4 amps that are very reasonably priced, although both typically make very long amps...

    Oh, PPI has their own shop online which sells clearance items. About a month ago they still had the pcx5004 (I think that's the model number) which did 125x4 or 500x2.

    The MBQ amp, which looks like a video game console, is pretty darn expensive.
  5. smgreen20

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    The MB Quart was just an idea. I figured it'd be pricy.
  6. Poseur

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    Okay, so I've been looking around. I'm seeking advice here because quite honestly I lack the experience and location to really have the exposure to anything that's actually nice. Please help me out here guys, any info or links you can offer really does me a world of good. I'm looking for 100wX4, under-seat mounting (no longer than 22") I'd like to keep it under $500 I'm not against quality used amps. And more than anything else, I want CLEAN power. This will be used for a 3-way frontstage setup.

    Sofar in what I've managed to digup, I'm seriosuly interested in the following amps, and also somewhere worthwhile to purchase one if anyone has any ideas.

    Soundstream VanGough VGA500.4
    I know oldschool soundstreams were nice and they've sorta droppedoff recently, but these amps seem to me to sort of be a return to quality. Thatsaid I honestly have no clue, just going by internet heresay and such.

    MBQuart RAA420
    New player in the amplifier game. Right output/size for what I'm shooting for. Seem to be getting good press.

    The PG xenons are starting to lose their appeal to me, I've seen some bad things said of them, including a few reports of actual flames. I'd still be interested in the 200.4 though just from a sheer headroom stanpoint if I could get an actual measurement and know that it is indeed no longer than 22"

    I've heard mixed thigns of clif designs, most seem to be a decent deal, but I'm tired of dealing with questionable products I want simple, clean, reliable power.
  7. texcon

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    Here's another - Phoenix Gold Ti500.4. It pushed 4x75 RMS, but I would bet my cat it pushes closer to 85-95x4 RMS.

    I have been running a Ti400.2 and it has never ONCE farted out on me, and I have run it bridged to my sub and most recently to my front stage. I am also the 2nd owner of this amp. Very clean sound and these Ti amps always push out more power than they are rated at. I just today installed my Ti600.2 on my sub and it sounds great.


    ^^^ $380 is not bad at all for an amp of this caliber.
  8. Krelkor

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    I just got my usamps 4300X
    75x4, bridged to "180x2"(very very very very very underrated)

    i love the thing to death, not that expensive either, check out ebay or the forums to see if you can snag one
  9. PolkMM

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    how does cadence compare to JL, USAmps, Xtant, and some of the other 'higher end' amps?
  10. texcon

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    Depends on who you ask - most would rank Cadence with those you mentioned, if not above. I for one have never owned one, but heard one on two ID Max 12s and they sounded soooo damn good.
  11. PolkMM

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    ill be getting new amps next year...really...the only other one i was looking at was USAmps...but theyre so inefficient...
  12. DerrikW

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