Head unit does not have internal amp.

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    Hello all. Getting back into car audio after almost 20 years, lol. I can imagine how out of date I must be, but trying to get back into the swing of things. I have an old deck. A pioneer DEX-p99. If I remember right, I paid close to 900.00 at the time for it. I recall it did not have a internal amp and I needed a separate amp to power it. What I have purchased so far is 2, 10" inch subs and a Mono amp, I plan to bridge them. The amp is a Mrp-500. Also the subs two Polk audio dxi. I am going to do this system by stages to the stock door speakers will stay for now. So, my question is can this mono amp power the head unit, or do i need another amp? Thank you so much for any help, Mark