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Discussion in 'Car Audio Dealer and Installer Reviews' started by ChopDrummer, Sep 20, 2006.

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    <<<< I love cloging forums cuz i dont get enough at home so im a loser and am forced to pedal non existant xbox 360s
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  2. TheViking

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    Hey sam, good to have you here on the site, we all really like it when we get offers like this. We also like you when you SUCK MY COCK. Now goto the nearest drainage ditch, put a gun to your head and pull the phucking trigger.
  3. DREAMZmustang

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    OMG sumthin has to be done about these spammers
  4. CadillacETC1997

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    i know guys we cant really put up more blocks cuz it would turn away members and such. so for now im just trying to keep up with it and delete them asap when they come
  5. hhh89

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    and out of all the places to spam, he spams a caraudio forum? he really has no life!
  6. jakey

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    Spammers have no life at all.