Eclipse CD5000 vs Excelon X790 vs Premier 680MP

Discussion in 'Car Audio Head Units' started by DaveDSMer, Feb 16, 2007.

Which Headunit!?

  1. Eclipse CD5000

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  2. Kenwood Excelon X790

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  3. Pioneer Premier 680MP

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  1. DaveDSMer

    DaveDSMer Full Member

    Well its headunit time for the Ranger. I got my tax return so its time to order one. I did some shopping around and these three are the ones I found from companies I trust. All are around 200-250 in my price range so it really comes down to which model to choose. I am running everything off amps so mostly look for the best SQ. The Excelon is kinda getting my eye because of the ability to turn off its internal amp as I wont be using it. So any input on these headunits would be great.

    So whats it going to be.. Eclipse, Kenwood, or Pioneer.
  2. aznboi3644

    aznboi3644 Full Member

    Eclipse all the way
  3. Throttletune

    Throttletune Full Member

    All 3 of our vehicles have Excelon. Never an ounce of trouble, and the only time I wavered was with an Alpine. That was a mistake.

    Of course, I have no experience with the other two, but the Eclipse door speakers in the wifes Ranger are unimpressive, to say the least.
  4. TheViking

    TheViking Well-Known Member

    They are ALL junk!!!!!! Get a kraco!!!!! Vintage 1984.......combination FF/eject button, with a tone control and analog tuner. It even comes with a nice floating ground low power ouput that is uneasily integrated into todays current systems, how can ya go wrong........

    OK, seriously......Fujitsu Ten (eclipse) has been around longer than alot of companies. I have to say out of the list they would be my first choice for what you want...Second would be either the pioneer or kenwood, hell they are all a toss up!!! Just get the one with the highest pre out voltage.....And looks good. Do any of them have an potentiometer for the volume control?????
  5. DaveDSMer

    DaveDSMer Full Member

    sadly viking my stock tape deck in the ranger has the combination FF/Eject button
  6. DaveDSMer

    DaveDSMer Full Member

    also if you are talking about pre out voltage . the eclipse wins with 8volt preouts.
  7. pedro quiroga

    pedro quiroga Well-Known Member

    then do the ecllipse.just for the voltage.otherwise i would have said the pioneer
  8. ibanezFreak87

    ibanezFreak87 Full Member

    I had the cd5000 for a little while. I didn't like it. I like my kenwood 6019 better. even though the eclipse has 8 volt preouts.... and my kenwood only has 2 volt preouts.. the kenwood still sounds better. clearer, and less distortion.

    any excelon is a kicken head unit.

    thats my 2 cents.
  9. DaveDSMer

    DaveDSMer Full Member

  10. pedro quiroga

    pedro quiroga Well-Known Member

    built-in SIRIUS Satellite Radio tuner with roof-mount antenna — the EZ-700SR will not operate until you activate your SIRIUS subscription
    what about this?does it mean the whole radio will not work or just the sat radio part.
    man i wish my pioneer had the xm tuner built in.i just bought a tuner for it for 90.00 bucks at best buy.had a 12% off coupon and a 5.00 gift certifacate.saved a little was 101.99.
  11. Ranger SVO

    Ranger SVO Full Member

    It means that the radio WILL NOT work until you get your subscription.

    Hey DaveDSMer did you read that part.
    EZ-700SR will not operate until you activate your SIRIUS subscription

    That why we don't sell that perticular Kenwood at our shop.
  12. DaveDSMer

    DaveDSMer Full Member

    i talked with crutchfield and they said to initially get it working you have to activate the sirius subscription. But, if you dont like the sirius you can stop the subscription and the deck will continue to work afterwords. So you basically have to at least have sirius for one month.
  13. DaveDSMer

    DaveDSMer Full Member

    click on the "read more" at the end of the first paragraph and look at bottom.


    Important note: The CD player and AM/FM tuner on the EZ-700SR will not operate until you activate your SIRIUS subscription. If you discontinue your SIRIUS subscription, the EZ-700SR will operate normally.
  14. occupant

    occupant Full Member

    I'm pretty much brand loyal when it comes to stereo equipment. I prefer Kenwood stuff at home, Creative Labs for MP3 players, and Pioneer in the car. I have an old DEH-1600 in my Suburban, ran a couple different shaft-style Pioneers back in the day in my Oldsmobiles, and I'm shopping for a shaft-style Pioneer for my Torino. My wife is shopping for a vehicle as well and I'm thinking a DEH-2000MP will do for her.
  15. pedro quiroga

    pedro quiroga Well-Known Member

    wow. 3 more months would have made this thread 2years old.
    your a lil late.:lol:
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  16. adam_rockn

    adam_rockn Full Member

    i use pioneer, and would choose for another car any day