Do you think my alternator will handle it?

Discussion in 'Automotive Electrical' started by nick_mdx, Aug 11, 2011.

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    I'm about to do an overhaul of my audio system and I'm trying to figure out how much I need to beef up my electrical system. I drive a 2001 Acura Mdx that comes stock with a 130 amp alternator. Right now I'm only running 800 watts (to a pair of 12's), and I have no dimming issues or anything like that with a bone stock electrical system. I just got a 360/4 jl amp to power my speakers and I'm about to buy a new amp for a new set of subs. I can't decide if i should go with a 1200 watt amp or a 1600 watt amp. The only thing holding me back is my fear that my electrical won't be able to keep up. I'm going to upgrade the big three but do u guys think that my 130 amp alt could keep up with 1960 watts total power? If not, I'll go with the 1200 watt amp to make it 1560 watts. Thanks for any input at all guys!
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    sorry but if a mod sees this they can close it. i went with the bigger amp (soundstream rubicon 1.1600d). If it's too much ill get a new battery or something.
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    Well mate let's sit down and do some good old math... lol
    at your current setup let's see what we got going on;
    12V x 130A = 1560W
    your car takes 15-20% of your Amps so..; I did use 15% since i do not know what type of lights, cluster, and electronics you car has stock.
    12V x 110.5A = 1326W

    so say you wanna do a upgrade to say two deep cycles (one in the hood, one in the trunk off a 110A Isolator Relay)
    26V x 110.5A = 2873 or if you want just 1 deep cycle battery with no relay
    13V x 110.5A = 1436.5

    I hope this helps, and another quick helpfull tip with Cap's. A Farad is measured in 1/2's since they only help short quick draws on Direct Current. So think of a 1.5F Cap "it says it does 1,500 Watts" um no... at best your lucky to get a full 750W which breakes down to 2.5V of protection.

    For the future please remember these simple steps for help;
    Volts X Amps = Watts (and vice versa if your given different values such as if you have your Watts and Volts but not your Amps than divide the two in their correct algebraical setup)
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    add a battery in back and be done with it.

    i've run 3 batteries on a stock 105 amp alt with no issues.

    adding one battery in back will help.
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    awww.. what about the math? Everyone should learn the math :)
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    Math is good, i agree....but not all want too understand or look at the bigger picture unfortunatly... n I am NOT getting into this discussion right now! LOL!