Detroit´s 10 Foot Noise Ban

Discussion in 'Mobile Electronics News' started by The_Ancient, Nov 6, 2004.

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    Noise Ordinance Gets Passed by Detroit´s City Council
    July 15, 2004 -- The Detroit City Council passed an amendment to the city's noise ordinance last Wednesday, penalizing drivers whose music can be heard 10 feet or more from their vehicles, according to the Detroit Free Press.

    The penalty carries a $100 fine for the first offense, $200 for the second and up to $300 and a possible 90 days in jail for subsequent offenses. Previously, there was no distance requirement in the ordinance and the fine for a general noise violation was $500 and a maximum 90 days in jail.

    Councilwoman Barbara-Rose Collins sponsored the ordinance change. The new ordinance will be effective as soon as Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick signs the proposal.
  2. joelsbass

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    dude... you can hear a frickin whisper from 10 feet away... that is fucking rediculous.... :jawdrop:
  3. The_Ancient

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    Like I was telling my dad over the weekend,

    "welcome to america, Home of the Free to work and pay taxes, nothing more" :blow: :(
  4. The_spacemonkey

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    Gotta love it huh? Kwame is a numero uno fucktard. Eh, luckily Im not a boomer.
  5. hobbes26

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    Even with stock systems, that's possible....
  6. joelsbass

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    hell it's possible with one low end tweeter playing off of one channel on the headunit!!!!!!!
  7. PolkMM

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    why the hell does it not apply to lawn mowers? or exhausts? classic case of discrimination if you ask me
  8. RickRS

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    I would imagine the reg. would have to be more detailed. How many dBA SPL at 10 feet?

    Would it even stand up to a court challenge?
  9. The_Ancient

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    were talk about Traffic Law == AKA Tax the public with out a "tax" :yes: ;)

    they dont need nor want dBA level becuase then they would need to spend money to collect the tax errr fine

    as far as a Court Battle, there is nothing "illegal" about the law the only way a judge can overturn a law is if it is unconsitiutional, this has nothing to do with consistutional law, and it would NEVER get to that stage, people would give up long long long before it got to a state supreme court.....

    Hell that would be like 15 or sooo trials since more traffic offenses dont even see a real "judge" but a magerstrate the first time and sometimes even the 2nd time IF a appeal is granted
  10. focused313

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    this 100% pure garbage if you ask me. With all things though, it is based on how "Detroit's Finest" are feeling that day. As a young black male citizen of Detroit, I can say that for the most part, I haven't been harassed or anything while in the city limits, especially over music. In which I can realistically say, 6/10 males under 30 have a system of atleast 600w (that's what the amps say, lol) in the hood. So if the cops are chillin', you should be ok. All I can do is thank God that I could afford a head unit with an Mute and Pause button on the remote.

    City Council is old, they get complains about me (lol) driving down West Grand Blvd blastin' "Hey We Want Some P****y", so they pass laws. But 10 ft.? Come on now. I can hear the crack heads up the block at 2am, and that's about 30 yards. So many other things are much more imporant and down right essential to our cities survival to concentrate on the dlb of music. HARLEY'S SHOULD BE BANNED EVERYWHERE THEN!!!!
  11. LunarEclipse

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    Here in california its the same way but with 50ft. I actually got a ticket with my stock infinity system a year ago, and i laughed in the officers face. He told me he could hear and feel it from less than 50ft away and i opened my trunk to show him no subwoofer, no amps, no aftermarket speakers and he said "oh..." and still gave me the ticket.

    A month later i got a ticket for my system that i put in and the officer had at LEAST a legit reason to give me a ticket. He could hear it from "the freeway to the movie theatre" which was appox. 4 miles down. I asked him what song i was playing (was a cd so i know he didnt hear it off of the radio) and he told me exactly which song it was. I have 22 tickets in 5 years of driving and 18 of which are "loud music-50 ft beyond" tickets (the other 4 are double limo tinted windows and windshield being tinted).

    What is this world coming to when you can be harassed for music in a non residential zone??
  12. weird22person

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    You hit the nail on the head about the residential zone. I have no problem with loud stereos in comercail areas and to a lesser extent on the highway. When you get people driving down a street a 2 AM rattling the windows on your house is when I have a problem. Maybe a general law against any noise source that can be heard at whatever dBs are needed to wake someone up inside their house...
  13. mabus

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    kwame is know as the hip hop mayor, used city money to also lease a "pimped out" navigator last year for his wife for a few months till he got tired of the detroit free press runing articles almost every day after they found out. plus downtown detroit has al kinds of clubs open till 2 am
    with there windows open blaring music plus most the cops in detroit barly pull people over for half the time i've seen cars doing over 100mph on the highway and the cops not do anything. so i doubt there gonna waste there time on a car stereo. but detroit is dead broke on the city budget already this year so they might look at it as a way to balance there budget lol
  14. weird22person

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    100 on the highway? Maybe ill head out there...:D
  15. mabus

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    i've had semis cut in front of me with no room to spare doing 75 or more
  16. weird22person

    weird22person Full Member

    Beats them tailgating you when youre going 75 in the right lane. Thats some scary **** when a truck grill fills your whole mirror:eek:
  17. aznboi3644

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    Brake check and sue em....if you surive lol
  18. ^BBQ^

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    if thats the case you shouldnt be allowed to breathe you can hear someone breathing at almost 10 feet away. much less a scooter or a skateboard even a bike or foot-steps.
  19. ibanezFreak87

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    It seems to me it's pure personal judgement. I mean, I can hear lots of systems ten feet away, but they're not loud enough for me to care.

    If I'm in my car - (cop car) and ten feet away is a ricer blasting his music so loud that the cop car shakes... well then that almost makes sense to me. I mean I've been complemented on my system from more than 200 feet away. I've had people working at gas stations ask me what I had in the trunk. I said... "you heard me all the day from the street?!"

    they said, "yeah man, our windows were shaking!"

    so i don't even know anymore. I'm just glad that the only music law in Cleveland is no loud music after 9 pm.
  20. JoeAudio26

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    Look, at the guys who ride Harley's OMG! no cop around my town stops bikers. Their bikes easily do over 140 db...:mad:

    If I drive by a cop with my system, producing a low thump I'm a chump... go figure It's all politics ...:rolleyes: