Custom Bookshelfs?

Discussion in 'Home Audio Talk' started by fugyaself, Jul 23, 2004.

  1. fugyaself

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    I have been thinking of attempting a build on some bookshelves for my room to replace the Fluance towers I bought and am currently disappointed with. The towers could then move to the living room and be used for gaming and general stereo use for my roomates.

    So far I was thinking an AV8 and the Morel DMS20 crossed at 2khz in 1.25 cubes with This 3" flared port. Throw an L-pad in the back of each to help match the tweet with the mid and I think it could turn out pretty good. Any thoughts/opinions? :)
  2. sandt38

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    I like this port better. It allows for you to select the best tuning for your enclosure. Also, the fact that it screws in rather than pounds in allows for a better seal and fit.

    As for the morel... I like the looks of that and the 30 as well... I noticed they were both on special this month. I have considered them for a project of mine as well. Might I suggest the Audax TM025F1 here? It is on special for 1/2 the cost of the Morel and it is the same tweet used in Adire's KIT speakers. It is a nicely detailed unit that you should be able to keep under controll with the L-pad. I am not too sure if you saw, but I did my first review of the KITs in my section, detailing the 81. That is with the Audax tweet I listed above. Granted, the KITs use a crossover optimized for the set, but the L-pad should get you by with a nice budget speaker along those lines.
  3. fugyaself

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    Yeah I was originally going to use that port but it turns out that a little under 9" of port is what I planned anyway. I figured with the flares it would bump the tuning up a tad so the added length should be good. (About how much length should I add to compensate for the flares?) Plus I can get both of the them for less than one of the adjustables. Screw mount would be kind of nice but I think the pound in would end up looking better and I could just epoxy them in.

    I liked that tweet too. Especially since its half the price. But I figured with the lower extension of the Morel it might do a littler better at 2khz. 2khz gives the AV8 some room too. Plus the DMS20 is shielded and I do not see that mentioned with the Audax.
  4. sandt38

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    The Audax causes no issue with pictures, the units are completely sheilded. The Adire website states:

    Also, the KIT81 is crossed at a shade under 2KHz, I believe at 1800 Hz. So no fears.

    as for the flares, you will need to remove about 1 inch from the port to compensate. As per the instructions on the percision port I listed above... So if you need a 9 inch port, cut it down to 8 inches.
  5. fugyaself

    fugyaself Full Member

    You subtract 1"? I figured with the increased size of the port you would actually have to extend the port to keep the same tune.

    Very nice review. Makes me want to just purchase the Kit and go from there. Seems like your floor standers are actually close in volume as the wide bookshelves I would have done. After grabbing a tape measure I am thinking they might be a bit big for what I am thinking. The Adire Alignment listed on the product sheet might do nice.
  6. Steven Kephart

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    Do you have a sub? If so and you want to save some money, then why not try the Kit 51's? I was listening to them for a while today matched with a Rava, and they are so impressive for the money (they are on sale). They definitely won't go as deep as the Kit 81's, but they still do a decent job. Plus the imaging on those things is most impressive.

    Sorry for the sales pitch. But I am truely impressed with these drivers from a budget standpoint. I really don't think you can do better.

    Steven Kephart
    Adire Audio
  7. sandt38

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    I just added my review of the 51s just a few seconds ago.


    According to the instructions, yes.
  8. fugyaself

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    Not currently running a sub. I am a little pressed for space in my 10x11 bedroom. Thats why I was trying to get some extension out of the AV8s. Its one of the reasons I got the fluance towers. They are slim and have built in subs. But they have mediocre mids and tweets that just dont impress me at all and the built in sub is sooooooooo boomy. I thought it was the room but after trying them in the living room which is much larger they sounded very similar.

    I think I might just get the KIT81.

    I never thought that sitting on the toilet with a PE catalog coult get met to spend $300. Will have to wait until pay day to make the final decision but thats what I am thinking now.
  9. fugyaself

    fugyaself Full Member

    I dont mind at all :) Recommending a cheaper product is always nice. Fortunately I can afford abit more than the KIT81 with my bonus check this month. I had originally planned on just getting some Axiom speakers but DIY is more fun.

    And yet another great review. When I feel like replacing my surrounds I may have to look into the KIT51 too.