Code 111 and Code 332

Discussion in 'Car Repair' started by Ranger SVO, Jul 19, 2008.

  1. Ranger SVO

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    The other day (tuesday) the Check Engine Light came on in my truck. Now it only stayed on for a few minutes. It has not come on again.

    Today (saturday), I decided to retrive the stored codes. The first code was code 111, which means everything is OK or system Pass

    The only other code was code 332 which means that "Insufficient EGR flow detected.

    OK, Great, what do I do now? It did not turn on the Check Engine Light because it was bored, there was a problem. What do I need to Check?
  2. fstrfvo

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    Clear the code and see if it returns, check all the vacuum lines going to the egr. If they are all good and the code comes back its probably gunked up preventing it from opening all the way.
  3. tyrant1014

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    What year is your rig, and do you have emissions?

    Get rid of it if you can, it's pretty simple to do.
    It robs performance

    EGR block-off plate. (or simply modify the valve to make it inoperative)
    EGR gasket, you can see below in the picture, its utilized in many applications. (Fel-Pro 70978)
    Chip- the stock chip will set a code at highway speeds if the egr is inoperative.
    Vacuum Nipple - to block the vacuum source to the egr. Can use something as simple as a screw in the vac line if your cheap.

    And you can heat soak the intake manifold. If it isn't working properly
  4. Ranger SVO

    Ranger SVO Full Member

    My truck is a 93, and no we do not have emissions testing here. But disabling the EGR system is not an option.

    First, it does not rob performance. The EGR system introduces an inert gas (burned exhaust gas) into the combustion chamber during part throttle and low RPM conditions. Doing this reduces cylinder temperatures and pressure. This allows us to optimize timing for performance because spark knock (which seriously reduces performance and engine life) is greatly reduced. So at part throttle performance is slightly enhanced by the EGR system.

    The EGR system does not function at full throttle, so performance is not a factor here.

    Second, the EGR system reduces NOx levels. And believe me, we don't need any more Oxides of Nitrogen in our atmosphere.

    fstrfvo The light has not come on again, so I don't think its a vaccuum leak. But clogged passages might be the problem. I just wonder where to look.
  5. pedro quiroga

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    when i got my truck it threw an egr code so i took it out to inspect it. it was gunked up bad.

    so i cleaned it with throttle body spray and a flat head to scrape off the hard gunk. worked like a charm cause i havent had an egr code after that.

    mine may be different looking than yours so it may not work for you.
  6. Ranger SVO

    Ranger SVO Full Member

    Or it just might, I need to look into this before it becomes a problem. Thanks
  7. tyrant1014

    tyrant1014 Full Member

    That's why he should just rip it off... :D

    No, but I understand why you don't want to get rid of it.

    I guess my hillbilly backwoods ways should change a little bit. :D

    But so it hasn't thrown the code again?
  8. Ranger SVO

    Ranger SVO Full Member

    No it has not coded again, but cars usually don't fix themselves. I need to look into it.

    What you said (about removing the system) might have been true in the 70's and 80's. But modern engine management systems today are really excellent.
  9. pedro quiroga

    pedro quiroga Well-Known Member

    it could have been a little hiccup. carbon does find a way to gum up in works.

    maybe a little piece came loose causing the code.
  10. tyrant1014

    tyrant1014 Full Member

    Well, it really depends on like you said, the date of manufacture on a car or the bigger factor, at least to me, wether or not it's efi or carburated . Come to think of it, the only vehicles I've ever done it on have been carb's with no ems
  11. fstrfvo

    fstrfvo Full Member

    In my wifes Taurus it was just gummed up, although it did not cause the mil to come on it was causing very bad pinging when accelerating since it was not opening enough it was not getting enough egr causing the carbon on the pistons to get too hot and cause preignition, after 120,000 miles I just opted to put a new one on and never had another problem. You said you have a 93, just wondering if its obd2?
  12. pedro quiroga

    pedro quiroga Well-Known Member

    odb2 didnt start till 96. some 95's got it, but not in 93.
  13. pedro quiroga

    pedro quiroga Well-Known Member

  14. fstrfvo

    fstrfvo Full Member

    my 94 Tbird with 4.6 was obd2
  15. pedro quiroga

    pedro quiroga Well-Known Member

    hmmm maybe it was some 94's then.
  16. fstrfvo

    fstrfvo Full Member

    I had a ford service mgr tell me that vehicle, well not mine personally but the 94 bird was the 1st vehicle that was obd 2 in the U.S. maybe thats why it was a POS. No i guess you cant blame it on the computer...
  17. tyrant1014

    tyrant1014 Full Member

    Oh come on... you can always blame it on the computer. And for a vehicle without a computer. Blame it on the timing and carb. :D
  18. Throttletune

    Throttletune Full Member

    Hey Ranger,

    Sorry, been MIA for a while.

    If you can get data, look at the DPFE, or PFE voltage on that. Key On, Engine Off should be right at half a volt. If that is skewed, then it will read the actual flow wrong. You can also put vacuum to it and watch the voltage climb. How I do it is: Do a Key On, Engine Running test with a vacuum gauge teed into vacuum line. So, the vacuum line is still hooked to the EGR, but a vacuum gauge is also in the mix. During the test,you want to watch the vacuum gauge to make sure it rises as the test is performed. That verifies the PCM command, the vacuum solenoid, everything. Then look at codes and see if the 332 set. That means it is a right now code, and subject to repair.

    If the DPFE is skewed, replace it. Mine is whacked in my Ranger, but I haven't been driving it all that much, so I will pop one on when it is in use.

    Hope that helped.