choosing an amp for mismatched component set

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    bought yet another car and yet again the stereo falls short... by far better then most stock stereos but it needs work...

    1992 lexus sc 400 i have 1 blown tweeter and one blown mid bass driver and well the factory system how ever better then most still leaves a bit to be desired.... i have set my self at a budget of $1000 for the equiptment... yeah that works lol (focal is out of my range)

    subs alpine type r SWR-12D2
    subwoofer amp Hifonics Brutus BRZ1200.1D

    thoughts from here down
    4 channel amp Hifonics GLX60.4
    mid bass Power Acoustik XPS-104
    tweeters Rockford Fosgate PRIME R1T-S
    crossover Swiss Audio STX30

    yeah i should probably go from 4" to 6 1/2" but i want to retain the factory holes and not have to modify or manufacture...

    so the fosgate tweeters are 40rms and the xps mid bass are 60w rms do i split the difference and push 100wrms to them and risk blowing the tweeters or do i push 80wrms and call it a day (yes im aware the glx60.4 pushes 120 @ 2 ohm but right now this is all thoughts...
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    The only issue I see is the crossover. Its a three-way. You only need a two way. I would look for a two way with a crossover point around 5000Hz. Personally, I would not even go to that much trouble. Put a 99uf capacitor on the 4-inch speaker to protect it and a 6.8uf capacitor on the tweeter.

    But if you insist (no problem) a two way is the way to go.

    The amp will not present a problem.
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