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    since there is nothing in this thread i thought i could pass off a few things that might help those who are looking for some more information for a automotive computer or carputer for those who know a little about thes subject. there are a few websites out there that are speciallizing in this subject however a google search will help you out quickly. here is one site that is awsome

    MP3car.org = a site that has all your needs for a carputer including another forum, shop, and faqs for those startup needs. store has all the components that you need to start up and even has premade units for those with big pockets and those who are apathetic.

    all you need is a computer and maybe a screen, which they have there, and of course a gps device.

    Pros of carputer: all in once ease, mp3 unit, internet, gps, video player, photoplayer, document editor, hell its a computer, superior sound rendering, movies, did i forget to mention its a computer.

    as for software here are a few pieces of software that are awsome and some of them are free

    frodoplayer, streetdeck, and that is all i can think of.

    i will continue with the information that i ahve on this subject. i have thought about doing it for a long time, but just havent had the money to do it.

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    The cost/benefit is awesome...but its extremely labor intensive, and there is nothing like having to reboot a frozen computer going 70 on the highway on a date while trying to keep your cool.
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    yeah, idk. I dont' find myself really driving in my car and thinking... "ooo.. I need a computer in my car." Idk. i guess I'm not "hip" or "gansta" .....then again I guess a computer in your car would be as "gansta" as a pocket protector.
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    I thought that would be cool to have one, but thought of all the work and decided to just forget all about it.
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    I'm still thinking about it, just because you can tap into the the ODBII and have real time display of all the sensors. One thing I've been trying to figure out is what to use for an FM modulator and how to connect something like a 10 disc player.
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    You can use some of the new Winamp skins. they have full screen skins now. They would work pretty good for a touch screen LCD in a car.
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    I dont know if it's Gangsta or not, but I do like the idea of having anything I want at the touch of my fingertips, Radio, MP3, DVD/CD, Movies, Nightvision, Rearview, Internet, Gaming, GPS to name a few. yeah it's a lot of work, but thats why we are enthusiasts.


    Check this out over at mp3car.com, this might help you with the FM Radio!!!
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    Actually it is no where near as much work as it is made out to be. Throwing the components together takes around 30 mins. Installing the software and transfering your music and things another couple of hours. 2 hours to troubleshoot and fine tune. The install in the car is as simple as wiring in an amplifier really (it is almost exactly the same procedure, one remote, one live and one earth). Except you run a VGA cable to your screen which is in your dash and a USB cable with it and that is it. Really quite simple. I did my whole install in the pouring rain at 9pm in the dark and it took me 4 hours from start to finish. And this was my first time doing it too. And i gotta tell you I am not the best with installs. Some of you guys could probably get it put in the car in less then 30 mins and working.