Cap or distribution block?

Discussion in 'Automotive Electrical' started by trance86, Jan 12, 2012.

  1. trance86

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    I have a 250amp alternator with big 3 and 0 gauge wire running to my 1 farad capacitor and my lights dim and dash volt meter drops everytime bass hits. It immediately replenishes but it is still noticable after upgrading the alternator. Ive heard that caps are a waste of power.. Should I get a bigger cap or cancel it out all together and use dist. block?
  2. pedro quiroga

    pedro quiroga Well-Known Member

    how big is your system?

    also i don't see how adding a dist. block will help with your lights dimming.. what you should look into is adding a second battery if your amp is power hungry.
  3. trance86

    trance86 Full Member

    Im running two amps, 600rms to my interiors and about 1800rms to my subs..
  4. kostyam69

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    for that kind of RMS you definetly need an extra battery or 2, i recommend kinetik, stinger or xs power... im also trying out this Shuriken brand, not too bad, similar to kinetik but seems to be cheaper. ive got only 1000rms on my bass set up and i chose to use a kinetik and shuriken (each made for up to 600rms) HUGE benefits gained
  5. steve

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    Extra battery, the alts output is to do with rpm's. The higher the more output and vise-versa.
  6. trance86

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    Thanks! My biggest concern is for my summer vehicle. I had real trouble finding a high output alternator for an '86 nissan 300zx. Im going to be running 2200 rms total power with a 170amp alternator (the largest i could find). Is that alternator powerful enough to merit a second battery?