box too small for amp=new build

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    ok, so i finally got the amp i want to push my mtx 4512 44 but it doesn`t fit cleanly on the box i built, so i`m going to build a new one.btw amp is an MXA4001 which i will bridge to run parallell on this dvc sub.

    unfortunately, i can`t get on mtx site tonight, but i know i need 1.25 for a sealed or 2 cubic feet for a ported box.i prefer sq so i think i`m gonna go sealed again.
    i want to put on the hatch floor of my tiburon, so i don`t want it very high, so i was gonna make it only 4 " high with the sub on rh side facing rear to center of car`s width @ a 45 degree angle upwards with 50% of the sub above thetop wall of the box & the other 50% in the box which i will slot out by fiberglass. Basically make a shallow box which will act as a false floor.

    my question is how much air space room behind the sub do i need for it to stay clean sounding or does the fact that it is on a 45 allow air to flow freely throughut the rest of the enclosure
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    well i would model out the sealed enclosure on WiniSD and see what you like.

    THe shape of the enclosure isn't really that important as long as the volume is correct
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    cool, what is WiniSD & it doesn`t matter if the magnet is almost touching the floor of the box?....(yeah , i`m the dumb newb, sorry)
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    we all started somewhere. dont worry. you will learn. and if it fits its good. if there is airflow in the box and its the right volume you should be good.