Boat Stereo Install CZ300

Discussion in 'Automotive Electrical' started by Smp258, Jun 14, 2011.

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    I am installing a Clarion CZ300 into a boat that previously had no battery. On the 16-pin wiring harness I thought I could connect the following 3 wires to one positive lead to the battery.

    Yellow wire (memory back-up lead) - book says "connect directly to battery"

    Red Wire (power lead) - books says "accessory + 12v"

    Orange/White wire (illumination lead) - book says "connect it to the car power supply terminal for illumination"

    So.. Can I wire the above wires together to one power supply wire connect to a switch then to the battery? I know that the memory will not work once I flip the switch but I would like to flip the switch when the boat is being stored long periods.

    And the last question. I tried the above wiring setup and instantly blew the fuse when plugging in the head unit. The fuse is a 15A online fuse on the memory wire, which is interestingly the largest gauge wire connected to the 16 pin.

    Thanks for making it this far if you did.