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Discussion in 'Subwoofer Box and Custom Fabrication' started by Brett, Sep 29, 2009.

  1. Brett

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    I have heard all about how loud a bandpass can get but how is sound quality? Suppose I built my own enclosure specifically for my sub and it was perfectly matched to spec. How would it sound compared to a sealed or a ported?
  2. aznboi3644

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    "built to spec" means nothing.

    Every install is different even with using the same subwoofer.

    Enclosure options are limitless as custom enclosures are tailored to the loading environment and user preferences
  3. Brett

    Brett Full Member

    .... Right then well suppose I had 3 enclosures. One is sealed, one is ported and one is a bandpass. It is the exact same amp for each sub and each sub is also the same. The enclosure is in the middle of an SUV facing backwards. The type of SUV is also the same. The conditions are THE EXACT SAME for each enclosure. Now, how does the bandpass sound compared to the sealed and ported?
  4. Brett

    Brett Full Member

    Anyone with experience on these or had one for awhile? Anybody at all. I'd really like to give one a shot.
  5. pedro quiroga

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    built properly you'd have a low tune and a high tuning..i.e the passband.

    ive heard one before that a bud made for his lexsus . 2 10's on 1000 watts tuned to 30HZ. it played right up to 70HZ or so. after that it had a steep drop off.

    so its like the best of both worlds i guess. a low tune and a higher one too, but it has to be built right.

    i hope i got that right. someone tell me if im wrong.
  6. hatchetman923

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    I had a bandpass box once... of course, it was prefab so idk any of the specs... but i had 2 Memphis power refrence 10's in there w/ about 225 rms watts goin to it in my 94 Intrepid... I have to say... I didn't sound too bad.. But i can also tell you this: I never had them in any other box... so i don't know what they can do if givin the right amount of attention as far as custom fab-ing a box for them specifically. But, the box hit some pretty low notes, it actually hit quite a suprising amount of mids, and even some highs. But if it is SQ you really want for just general music playing (rock, rap, jazz, country, just any music) then take the time to build a proper sealed box. A good nice tight one... My dad, (yes, my 43 Yr Old father) has a 2004 F-250 with 4 Rockford Fosgate p2 10's in a sealed box behind the back seat w/ NO modifications to the vehicle... let me just tell you that no matter what he plays in his system, it sounds great. Just AMAZING. idk why, it just does... it is very tight , accurate bass with rock, and nice, loud, low bass with rap music... if its quality u want go sealed.