Audiopipe AP1500D amp

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  1. des343

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    Audiopipe AP1500D amp
    I just ordered 2 of these paid 284 with shipping brand new..

    I have 2 audiopipe Eye Candy 12's 800 rms each 3 inch Voice Coil version. I plan to upgrade to the 15's my friend had one and it ripped the box to shreds it was in and snapped screws (but so have my 12's) What are your opinions of these speakers will they handle the full 800 watts? Or will i need to make extra sure my BOX can allow these speakers to reach that?

    how will these pair? i planned on running the amps at 2 ohms where they will be 950 rms each so not overly powerful for the speakers

    Also was wondering if this amp is strapable ive read that only the 1500 watt versions are..but how does this work and will i get my 3000 watts rms if strapped?

    Thanks for any input please just do not flame my stuff i understand audiopipe isnt Rockford or kicker..but then again ive owned all of those and find the Pipes to be great quality so far and pound very hard especially considering the price..
  2. des343

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    no one knows about these??
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    are these the older model amps or are they the ap15001? big differance in the amp's
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    i own all audiopipe myself and i have had every brand under the sun! including fosgate and kicker im way more impressed by audiopipe for the cash!
  5. des343

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    yeah ive owned rockford, kicker, orion a ton of stuff i love my audiopipes tho io have to admit and they hits the lows excellent

    but i want to know if these Eye Candy 12's can handle their rated 800 RMS or maybe more?

    also im not sure what the difference is but the amps are the newer ones (hope thats a good thing) ?

    "Audiopipe AP15001D 1500W Mono D Amplifier"