Anyone still around?

Discussion in 'Off Topic Discussion' started by cdoyle, Oct 28, 2023.

  1. cdoyle

    cdoyle New Member

    Looks like a lot of spamming here, but if anyone is still around. Say Hi.

    Been doing Car Audio as a hobby since I was in High school. Always fun designing new projects and making it come to life.

    Here is my 84 Camaro. My current system is something I did with OpenAuto Pro

  2. GordonKibia

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  3. cdoyle

    cdoyle New Member

    Doesn't look like anyone is left here? At least not real people.
    If a real person happens to stumble on this, I also did a system using OpenAuto in my 2004 Toyota 4Runner. This system was a little more complicated, as I had to bypass all the JBL stuff, and get the steering wheel controls to work with the raspberry pi.

    The system has been in there and working flawlessly for the past almost 3 years. Sounds pretty good too.