alpine type r fibreglass box

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    hey guys need some help with designing a box for my pair of alpine type R 12s (2ohm VC). they are running on a mrp-m1000. the amp is not certain atm as it is in the shop for repairs. will buy the right amp for this setup if the amp is going to cost too much to repair. i have the whole boot to work with so size is not an issue. am wondering on capacity specs, porting specs, pros cons of sealed vs ported? pros cons of fibreglass box? pros cons of separate chambers as opposed to one big box with two holes which would be heaps easier? and what would be the right amp for these. time effort and money to a point are not an issue as i want it to be as good as it can be. looking for a happy medium between spl and sq
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    if you can fit in 2.5 cu ft per subwoofer net volume with as much port area as possible.

    TUning is to your liking?

    sonic difference between a well constructed MDF enclosure vs. fiberglass is nil
    THe only difference I know of is weight.

    Two subs per chamber is a usual. ALso the TYpe R's sound like crap in sealed enclosures. Don't believe anything Alpine states about the subs or the "recommended" enclosures
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    wat do mean about the porting? i can make it big......... approximate length size? what effect does this have on sound?