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  1. Willy D

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    Hey everyone I have been out for a bit..I wrecked my motorcycle...Basically I got a little crazy and accidentally locked the front brake and went down...I hit the pavement between 50 and 60 mph...I broke the lower part of the small bone in my left lower leg and complete dislocation of left ankle and badly bruised ribs in my left chest..I was wearing boots, jeans and a fully armored bike jacket and gloves...No helmet and was lucky as hell...Not one scratch to the upper body, a couple scuffs on the knees...

    They did surgery and put a plate and 9 screws in my lower leg...I am attaching some pics of the leg and the jacket and gloves...


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  2. jonnyv713

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    Holy crap man! Thats crazy! Good thing it wasn't worse though.
  3. Willy D

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    Yes...I am EXTREMELY lucky...About $500 to fix the bike (in parts)...It faired better than I did...
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    all that protective gear and no helmet!!! I never ride without a helment. You did get extremely lucky.

    That scar is gonna look wicked though!