A guide to answer "What is the best speaker?"

Discussion in 'Website Suggestions and Help' started by Kryptokid, Sep 19, 2006.

  1. Kryptokid

    Kryptokid Full Member

    I am not an expert by any means, but I feel this forum is not as high traffic as others so many people come here hoping to get a more one on one experience when looking for answers. Because of this there seems to be a lot of "I want to get the best speaker there is for however much money I can afford to spend". Most everyone who has done this for a while know that this question cannot be answered. Same as "Which subs?" "Which amp?" "Ported or sealed?" "How big an alternator?".

    I was thinking that we could write up a guide to explain how to go about choosing the best whateverthehellyouareshopingfor. I have already done so in the car stereo speakers section. I was thinking maybe we could get one going for each section. Just basic guidelines for how to figure out what you want and why.

    here is the other post I made

  2. TheViking

    TheViking Well-Known Member

    I and others have already addressed the issue about "what sounds the best". Phuck i hate that question with a passion!!!!!!!!!!

    I read your other post, and overall it OK. A few thing need to be changed IMO, but over all decent advice.

    An audio guide is actually a good idea......But, there are varying opinions on what is what and I can see some freindly conflict in the idea. Therefore, it would be key for several folks knowledgable in the area of car audio to get together one way or another to discuss the theories and ideas pertaining to the different areas.

    I for one am not up to date on the latest car audio equipment, I leave that for others. but the installation and performance of said equipment is key, and thats where my background is helpful, i aint gunna sit here and explain all i have done over the past years, Thats not important, (anyone that wants to know, just PM me)....

    So with that said, maybe the mods will look into it and perhaps something of the sort will happen...Its always good to share advice and techniques in the hobby...
  3. Kryptokid

    Kryptokid Full Member

    THat is kind of why I am trying to stay away from talking brands and more interested in just explaining the basics. I have done this on other forums with other topics and it seemed to work. It is so ****ing annoying for half of the new post evey week to be what should I buy????

    Fill me in on what you feel I should add or change and Ill try to factor it in.

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