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    Talking about love relationships is to enter into somewhat unknown topics, for various reasons such as beliefs and sociological aspects of the duos that generally make up a relationship. In this sense, we must know that making love, sexual relations and seasonal perception, play an important role in the life of a couple, where although they are considered synonymous with the first two, their result will prevail for good or be forgotten depending on the concept of the experience obtained. In this section, let's clarify that making love is a definition that has a high content of affection and affinity between people, in terms of understanding affection, stability, security and trust, which, of course, lead to the desire to have intimate relationships and even to consummate and mature the sentimental aspects can happily transcend. However, an ingredient of that flame is to learn and know the love making techniques, in a deep and lasting sexual relationship, so that you fulfill your purpose of being an excellent couple.