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Discussion in 'Home Audio Talk' started by Strider, Feb 15, 2005.

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    ok, here i go.

    I am currently in year 11 and doing design tech (woodwork). For this semesters project i have decided to make some floor standing speakers for my bedroom.

    A few months ago i saw some speakers in the tech section of the newspaper, fairly good speakers (around $2000) and i have decided to base my design on these. Unfortunately though, i never bothered to keep the paper, so i have to rely on memory.

    Today during class i drew up a simple sketch in ms paint of the speaker designs, to give you a little idea of what i want to achieve here.

    I have never made speakers before, nor have any real idea as to how they all work together. This is where you lovely folks come in :D

    1. is it even possible? if so, how much more complex is it then building the box and sticking the speakers in? (yes i know im a n00b)

    2. I would really like to hear your opinions, currently im looking at a 8" sub, 6" mid and 2" tweeter.

    3.Where is a good place to start learning about speaker construction?

    Thanks for all your help, i really appreciate it :)
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    I think some things you need to consider is the components you are using, what kind of enclosure they spec out, and what kind of crossover to use. As far as the box goes, its a matter of making something sturdy that won't flex with the components you are using. What do you intend on using them for? Just a normal stereo? Surround?