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    Hey guys... it's been a while... I got some bad news... I don't wanna go into all the details but my dad got laid off for a long time and we need to sell the civic. The problems is, it stalls a lot. We can't take it up to a shop because it won't make it... I was wondering if you guys knew some causes for this stalling and I could check them and we could go from there. It stalls sometimes even if you sit there. Thanks so much you guys...
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    sorry to hear about your dad... that really sucks! car keeps on stalling? does it start without any problems? is the idle rough? How do the plugs look?
  3. pokry5

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    Could be just air flow sensor, throttle position sensor, injectors... who knows without more of a description? Does it idle erratically or just stall when you give it gas?
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    OK sorry for the no detailed description...

    here's a better one:

    Sometimes it has trouble starting.
    When it does start, keeping it at 2000 rpms will keep it from stalling.
    When you try to switch to revers to back it out of the driveway it stalls.
    When it gets under 2000 rpms and/or stops it will most likely stall.
    Sometimes you can let it go a little while just idiling (rare) but it eventually shuts off.

    I'm pretty sure this is an accurate description.

    Also, I got new spark plugs and new spark plug wires a while back... haven't checked them out in a while tho. I don't think it has to do with the battery or alternator or anything like that. But then again, I'm no mechanic.

    Hope this helps narrow it down.
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    If your battery gauge reads around 14 or so you're ok, def. not the alternator. Can you smell gas under the hood? Leaky injector maybe? I had a cavalier that would do that and it turned out to be an air flow sensor. Wasn't too expensive. I cleaned it on a wire wheel a few times and it worked for about a week each time, but would go back to stalling (always when you're trying to look cool). Worst case scenario is you take it to Autozone or something and they can hook it up to their computer diagnostic machine, assuming that you have a check engine light on. By the symptoms, I would venture to say you most likely do. Only other sensor might be a throttle position sensor that could do that.
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    my dodge had a similar problem. I just took some carb cleaner an sprayed it in the throttle body. The eye valve was dirty. But that is also slot bigger motor and a different story.
  7. 92civicproblems

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    The check engine light isn't on so it isn't reading any errors. I don't smell any out of the ordinary gas smells or anything like that under the hood.

    3:40 - Now it doesn't even start
    (charging the battery with jumper cables)
    3:45 - attempted to start but failed
    3:50 - started
    (drove the sh!t out of that car, every gear, every stop, every hill, everything and it didn't stall)

    I can hear it choking when it idles around 1000rpm, it sort of dips down 100rpms super quick and then tries to revive itself. It feels like it's coughing up gas out the back of my tailpipe...

    I think the fuel injector cleaner I put in it a few days ago finally got through the system. The reason why it didn't start might have just been a simple dead battery caused by leaving a light on or something.

    I'm gonna try and start it later to see what happens.
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  8. pedro quiroga

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    fuel filter. my old truck did what you are describing.
  9. Eleu

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    1k is a little high of an idle for a car thats warmed up, specially Ricer. but iam with ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ on this one, ide check the fuel filter and or pump, and rung a couple bottles of injector cleaner wlong with some 98 octane (if your seals and rings are relativley new and or you usually run high oct) if not then just the cleaner, and check you lines and filter again.
    Also check the air filter! alot of people overlook them they can deffinently cause idle dips, especially if you have an after market filter (ie Short ram or boxed short ram or cold air injector)
    Iam also assuming its fuel injected, i mean it is a 92...
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  10. 92civicproblems

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    Ya I think it does Idle at 1000rpms but it's freezing here like below 20 so that may be why or else idk why...


    I think the not starting part is electrical.. battery maybe alternator. It takes a while to jump start that car. The battery just goes. After a jump it starts and runs fine. Then after a while I think the battery dies because a day later it doesn't start untill I jump it. I don't know what could be draining the power like that...

    *Tried to jump start the civic again and got nothing for 45 minutes straight. Took it up to autozone to charge it up and found out the battery was shot. Bought a new battery, and the car eventually started. I guess that was the reason it wasn't starting.
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    well sounds like you got a vacuum leak. check all the hoses to see if they on tight or check if you need to replace them. most of these hoses are around the intake manifold. a gasket around the intake mani could also get you vacuum leaks.

    to test the alternator turn it on and keep it running(give it a few minutes) and disconnect the the positive terminal, if it turns off then its the alternator, if it stays on its not your alternator.

    have you change your distributor cap and rotor? when they are going bad sometimes the plugs dont get enough spark.

    maybe the TPS is going bad its located on the throttle body. hope this helps
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  12. 92civicproblems

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    I was thinking it was the distributor cap to. I finally sold it. It seemed to just fix itself. Obviously it still needs some repairs but that's not my problem anymore. Glad it's finally over. Thanks guys.
  13. cccullen

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    how much did you get for the civic? so what are you driving now? the corolla? what's your set up in your corolla?
  14. 92civicproblems

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    Late reply. I got about a grand out of the civic so I lost a grand in the whole stupid process. I know how to buy a car now. I'm never buying from a mechanic who thinks he can fix up cars and sell them unless it looks proffessional and new and everything like that. I'm back to my 97' white corolla. I gotta throw subs in it. I need need need that thing to shake but I can't afford much. My trunk space is limited (about 18" high and 3' wide maybe 2' deep). I'm thinking about building my own custom box and throwing some hifonics in there. I need it to shake but I only have so much money...
  15. pedro quiroga

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    just build a ported box for the sub you have now. no need to go wasting money for stuff you dont need.
    one 12 in the right sized box with even a few hundred watts can get nice and loud.
  16. 92civicproblems

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    I need it NICE AND LOUD tho. Other kids at my school have their trunks shakin and I want mine equal or better. I need some go hard bass. Not spl or competition stuff just enough to rattle the trunk. If my xplod can do that in a good box let me know.
  17. jonnyv713

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    yes, it can. Like everyone else has said. Build a porter box and put an amp on it. You will be surprised on how much a different box will do.
  18. 92civicproblems

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    Well I am surprised. My parents can tell when I come home and park on the street from any room in the house now lol. All I did was change the box. It's that same crappy xplod powered at like half or less of what it can do. It's a duel 12 ported box with only the xplod in it lol. Such a huge difference. Now my trunk and license plate shake and everything. I mean it's not like crazy bass but it's a huge improvement from my previous setup. You guys are awesome :)
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    generally they don't fix themselves I'm with a couple other people when they say vaccuum leak though.

    and remember just because there is no code, doesn't mean there is no problem it just means that it isn't severe enough to set one off. I.E. vaccuum leak versus injector issue, an injector issue would throw a code, something like p10something or other.
  20. 92civicproblems

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    Gotcha, thanks.