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  1. MMBA Accountants
    MMBA Accountants
    Chartered Certified Accountants & Registered Auditors
  2. Wheelsynergy
    Best Replica Wheels
  3. car subs
    car subs
    hey I am John I just posted my new blog which is related best shallow mount car subwoofer please look into:
  4. shriver187
    shriver187 pallin
    hey.. if ur interested in that equipment let me know.. i take paypal.. or i can order u about anything..
  5. Ranger SVO
    Ranger SVO shriver187
    I moved your post and my responce to Forum Etiquette, so that we would not be thread jacking some elses thread.
  6. shriver187
    shriver187 sc1208
    hey.. if ur looking to buy any equipment let me know.. i sell alot of stuff and brand new
  7. shriver187
    shriver187 no1vdub
    welcome to CAT
  8. shriver187
    oh sorry man.. i wasnt meaning to do that.. was just trying to help some of the guys out.. is there usually more traffic on here or what?
  9. TheViking
    TheViking shriver187
    Hi Shriver187...Welcome to CAT! If you choose to sell merchandise, please do so in the proper area! thanks man! Please dont try to sell things in threads asking for suggestions and help..I would appreciate it. By the way, your comments seem helpful and with some good insight, thanks for your contributions.
  10. 92civicproblems
    92civicproblems caraudioking
  11. steve
    steve TheViking
    Hey, i was think'in about posting some stuff to help explain wires/batteries/alts /spkr parameters.....ect. maybe sticky it if you want. what you think
  12. des343
    des343 Vinnyrsxs
    hey thanks for the help but i have found a JL w7 but i have to give up my GTO amp 200 dollars and the remaining 12 inch CVR i have

    would just like an opinion i guess
  13. tommy2tone
    tommy2tone jonnyv713
    I'm not that fast on the typing,you can call me if you like.616-581-6519 my name is Tom.
  14. innovative
    Sorry, have been busy and not on here much lately. I am from the Kalamazoo area. Are there any good car audio shops up in your area?
  15. tommy2tone
    tommy2tone innovative
    Where in sw michigan are you from?I'm in grand rapids.
  16. galactimus
    galactimus nanito_1981
    Hey man. I'm interested in those old kicker subs you talked about. Give me a shout via email.
  17. Ranger SVO
    Ranger SVO defiant_audio
    Please repost but on your own thread. Please do NOT jump in on someone elses thread.
    Your thread has a link so it will need to be appoved by a moderator. Be patient we WILL get to it

  18. agr1o el dueno
    agr1o el dueno Vines
    i posted the piks of the subs bro! let me know...the 3rd one isnt pictured because its in a box under all the audio in my closet
  19. pedro quiroga
    pedro quiroga florida13
    where are you located? in florida maybe? if so try

    its a site with memebers who mostly live in florida.
  20. Vines
    Vines galactimus
    I was lookin through my old school audio collection and found 2-10'' kicker subs (I think they're from their line of truck boxes). Not sure if I really want to sell em, but I dont think I'll ever use em, make an offer and I might let em go. If you want I can send pics to your email. These suckers look barely used almost brand new.

    Thanks, Bill