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    component speakers.. 6.5 and 6x9s

    ok guys so im new on here but i just replaced my factory head unit with a pioneer one that puts out 50 watts per speaker i think? any ways i put in these 6x9s and 6.5 speakers Pioneer TS-695P and they sound much much better but if i turn the head unit up around 30 or 35 they start to distort on the low bass notes but the mids and highs are still nice. i belive i just need a good 4 or 2 channel amp to hook up to them but not sure how or witch setup to use. i belive the 6x9s are like 260 watt peak or something like that but not posotive. sry im a new guy at this stuff but i love great sounding music

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    I always recommend using an amp to improve the sound of any system. I would recommend a four-channel amp, a 50 watt RMS to a 75 watt RMS should do what you need.
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