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    [B]"Here We Go"[/B]

    AMP's AMP's AMP's!!

    I will be buying all new car audio. I'm tired of the lame stock stereo.

    1. For the Dash:


    2. For the front:

      Fosgate T2652-S 6.5" 5x7 6x8 6x9 Component Speakers New

    3. For the Rear:

      NEW Rockford Fosgate T1693 6x9 3-Way Car Audio Speakers

    4. For the Boom Boom (sub):


    Back to Amplifiers? What do you think will be the best choice for my car? preferably rockford (Doesn't need to be). I don't mind 2 amp's

    Thanks David

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    ive seen two cars with rockford prime amps and they had plenty of power for cheap.

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